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Keep your iPad or iPhone Charged with an Apple Lightning Cable

Apr 30, 2013

apple lightning cableWith so much technology these days it can be a pain trying to keep your devices fully charged and working properly. With so many different chargers and cables it can be a headache trying to keep them straight. If you have an Apple device like the new iPad or iPhone 5, you probably noticed the distinct change in the charging cable. These new devices use the Apple Lightning Cable to connect to the computer or to charge. For those who owned previous versions of iPhones, iPads or iPods, the old charging cables are no longer useful.

At Triangle Cables we offer the new Apple Lightning Cable that is compatible with the latest devices. It’s helpful to keep one of these cables at work, at home, in your bag or purse, and anywhere else you may need to charge your battery. Having multiple cables makes it easy to ensure your device is always fully charged no matter where you are.

Triangle cables can help you with all your cable needs. We have Apple compatible cables for computers and hand held devices. No matter what you need to charge, we have the cable for you.

Bring Your Memories to Life with a New Camera Cable

Apr 18, 2013

usb cableSpring is the perfect time to take beautiful pictures. With the warm mild weather and blooming flowers, it’s a joy to be outdoors. There are photo opportunities all around as nature wakes up from its winter nap. Whether you enjoy taking pictures of your family in the great outdoors, or snapping pictures of the wild life, spring is the best time to grab your camera and capture some great images.

These days there are a variety of websites where amateur and professional photographers can upload their images and have them printed and framed professionally. From canvas prints to archival quality gallery prints, there are many options to choose from. Unfortunately for some, getting the photos from the camera to the computer can be a challenge.

If you are a photographer who has misplaced or damaged their camera cable, you may have a hard time accessing your images. That’s why Triangle Cables offers new camera cables to help photographers transfer their photos and bring their memories to life. It’s easy to find a replacement cable for your camera. Simply check the connection on your camera and find the proper USB cable from our selection of camera cables.

Enjoy More Baseball this Season with Satellite MultiSwitches

Apr 11, 2013

If you love baseball and currently have satellite television, you may be running into problems. Satellite TV systems limit the number of televisions you can have before adding new satellite receivers onto your system. This can be frustrating if you have many televisions in your home. Sometimes only one or two family members enjoy watching a game on TV while others do not. This usually means that baseball fans have to find their own TV to watch the game on.

By using products like satellite multiswitches, you can split the signal from one receiver to multiple televisions without suffering from signal loss. This means that a two receiver home can split the signal of each receiver to multiple televisions. A satellite multiswitch makes it easy to enjoy the entertainment you want in any room of your house. Finally baseball fans can enjoy the games they want, when they want, where they want.

Multisiwtches are ideal for sports package subscribers who may have access to games from other broadcast areas. Now you can watch those games on different TVs without having to miss any of the action. It’s also great for homes that want to watch the same game on more than one TV at the same time. Simply install the multiswitch and enjoy the baseball season on every TV.

AV Wall Plates Help Create the Perfect Man Cave

Apr 5, 2013

Mancave TVIf you’re on a quest to build the perfect man cave, entertainment should be your top priority. There is nothing like having the perfect home theatre set up to watch the game with your friends while having a few beers. When it comes to home theatre installation there are many things to keep in mind. One of the most overlooked aspects of many do it yourself home theatre set ups is maintaining a clean professional look.

Just because you’re designing and building your own home entertainment area doesn’t mean it can’t look like a professional job. Taking special care to conceal wires and build in areas to house your audio video components is the difference between a great looking installation and a sloppy one. Simple tools like AV wall plates can transform a messy media area into a home theatre that is sure to impress anyone.

Before you start your home theatre installation you should have a good idea of your layout. You need to know where your audio video components, how they will fit, how long your cables need to be to connect things together, and so on.  Building out from an existing wall to create a void of space to house your components and cables will ensure a clean look. This can also create a dramatic framing element for your high definition television and keep your electronics out of harm’s way.

Using AV wall plates allows you to hide cables behind walls and keep connections close to the components themselves. This means that only short cables are needed to run from the device to the wall plate. It is perfect for wall mounted TVs or satellite speakers that may be far away from the audio system.  

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