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Triangle Cables Presents our First “Totally Wired” Mix

Dec 24, 2012

Let’s face it, when you work around cables all day you have to love technology. That’s why we’ve put together some of our favorite songs about cables. Okay, maybe they’re not literally about cables, but we can pretend that’s what the artists had in mind. This mix of tunes features songs for everybody and is certainly not short on technology and connectivity references. So get your sound system set up properly, double check your audio cables and follow along with our audio exhibition about the joy of cables. Enjoy!

Triangle Cable’s

Totally Wired – Volume 1

  1. Connect Up To Me – The Cars
  2. Live Wire – AC/DC
  3. Sound and Vision – David Bowie
  4. Connected – Stereo MC’s
  5. Static Age – The Misfits
  6. Sound System – Operation Ivy
  7. Electricityscape – The Strokes
  8. Through The Wire – Kanye West
  9. Speed of Sound – Coldplay
  10. Digital – Joy Division
  11. Connection -JeffersonStarship
  12. Living on a Thin Line – The Kinks
  13. Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant
  14. Video Killed the Radio Star – Buggles
  15. Disconnected – Goo Goo Dolls
  16. The Sound of Silence – Simon and Garfunkel

Detect Hidden Network Problems with a LANtest Network Cable Tester

Dec 19, 2012

LANtest Network Cable Tester Not all network problems are obvious. Sometimes the issues that cause connections to slow down or fail are hard to diagnose. This is because sometimes the culprit is not a computer or a network switch, but the cable that is connecting them. Bad cables can be the cause of network issues just as easily as bad hardware, that’s why it’s important to check cable connection strength with a LANtest Network Cable Tester. This tester allows you to connect category 5, coaxial and modular telephone cables and test their connections.

It’s too easy for a bad cable to go overlooked, especially if you may be working in an environment where there are hundreds or even thousands of cables connecting server racks together. When these cables go bad they can often lead to more serious communication issues. Using a LANtest Network Cable tester is as easy as connecting a cable. Simply connect one end of the cable to the master box and the other end to the remote box and you can instantly find out if a cable is damaged.

These tools are great for any IT department or even for a home network enthusiast. Each LANtest Network Cable Tester is a professional tool that makes maintaining a communications network a breeze. Save time and energy by quickly spotting bad cables and get your network up to speed.

Connect your Laptop to your HDTV with an HDMI Converter

Dec 14, 2012

VGA to HDMI converterAs technology progresses it always seems to outgrow cables and connectors. Modern high definition televisions utilize HDMI connections to carry audio and video signal between components. This can make it difficult to connect older technologies to them such as laptop computers or game consoles. That’s where signal converters such as a VGA to HDMI converter come in handy.

A VGA to HDMI converter, like the one pictured here, allows you to connect an older analog video source, such as a PC to a high definition television. These converter boxes accommodate a VGA signal input for video and a stereo RCA input for audio. On the other side of the HDMI converter there is a single HDMI output that takes the analog audio and video inputs turns them to a digital HDMI signal that can be connected to a modern HDTV.

While the output signal will not be high definition, it will be in a digital format that the HDTV can read. This makes it possible to use a digital television as a display to show a power point presentation, a photo slide show, or anything else you may want to share on a larger display. An HDMI converter is a great utility of a business person who may have an older laptop. It is best to be prepared for any presentation situation even if technologies seem incompatible.

Don’t Forget your Cables this Holiday Season

Dec 11, 2012

This is the time of year when most people make their home entertainment and business purchases. Whether you’re looking for a new Surround Sound system as a Christmas gift, a new big screen TV for your Superbowl party, or a new multifunction printer for your home office, remember to upgrade your cables. Many consumer electronics do not have cables in the box with them and those that do often have very low quality cables. That’s why Triangle Cables offers quality cables to connect any of your home electronics.

When it comes to home audio equipment, the back panel of a surround sound system can look like something out of NASA’s mission control. There are so many different connections it can be difficult to discern what cable goes where. Rest assured Triangle Cables has the correct cables to connect your audio and video sources. From composite video, to component video, to digital coaxial cables, we have it all.

Computer peripherals often do not ship with the cables needed to connect them to the computer. If you are buying a printer, scanner, or monitor this Holidayseason, be sure to check what cable it requires. That way you can ensure you have the correct cable on hand when the gift arrives. Nothing is more frustrating than giving a gift that can’t be used until something else is purchased, so don’t let your family down. Be prepared with the proper cables thisHoliday season.

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