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Cable Management Saves you Stress

Nov 30, 2012

Whether it’s a home network or facility wiring operation, cable management is just good practice. If you’re currently facing a mound of cables and the potential for upgrades in the near future, you are already aware of one benefit for the management of network cables. A number of products are available to help with organization, including the wire management panel, but you should first understand the importance.

Organization Benefits
Management of your network cables is the extension of organization into what is too often a haphazard and confusing mess. Management generally refers to support of cables along transmission routes. Without support, the end result is cable spaghetti and a headache for anyone attempting to update a particular connection, diagnose network problems or ensure cable compliance with maximum bend radius.

A couple of notable problems result from disorganized cables. It’s possible for a pull along one cable to cause disconnection with others. Diagnosing a problem with one device could be as simple as a unplugged cable, but you’ll have a difficult time figuring this out. Another problem is interference when data cables wrap around power cables. A wire management panel and other cable management devices can prevent a lot of frustration.

Extend your HDMI reach with an HDMI over LAN Kit

Nov 26, 2012

HDMI over LAN extenderHDMI cables come with a built-in limitation on length. If you exceed the length for HDMI compliance, you’ll get significant distortion or even lose the signal altogether. The HDMI extender was designed to overcome this problem. Several types are available, including a wireless extender and cat 5e Ethernet extender.

How Does the Extender Work?
With an HDMI over LAN kit, you’ll receive a receiver and transmitter capable of pushing an HDMI signal to a maximum of 400 meters. An HDMI cable carries the signal to the transmitter. A category 5e cable carries this signal to one or more receivers, which then convert the signal for delivery to the viewing device(s). The range of a dedicated network compares favorably to wireless ranges, which can’t exceed 200 feet.

Of course, a signal booster can carry wireless HDMI signals even further, but you’ll get nowhere near the distance of a HDMI over LAN kit couple with an Ethernet hub. The hub makes it possible to run audio and 1080p to a maximum of just under 800 meters. Most users won’t need this kind of length, but some situations demand it. Airports, call centers, hospitals and other applications benefit from an HDMI extender.

Cat 6 Ethernet Cable can Speed Up Your Network

Nov 20, 2012

Category 5 and 5e Ethernet cables are still the most popular for new and existing networks, but more designers are incorporating the newer category 6 cable. What are the advantages of this cable? Is it worth the investment for your network?

Benefits of Cat 6 Ethernet Cable
A cat 5 or 5e cable is structured as eight wires twisted together to make four pairs. Cat 6 cables have the same basic design, but they include separators between the pairs. The result is almost double the speed of information transfer, which in turn makes Gigabit networks possible.

A faster network is always desirable, but a Gigabit network requires more than appropriate cables. Every component of the network must be rated for Gigabit speed, or you will lose out on performance. Consider the cost difference and network needs when selecting a category 6 cable.

If you are expanding a current network or updating it piece by piece, cat 6 cables are the best choice. They are backward compatible and pose no problem on older networks. The primary benefit is that as other components are updated, you’ll see immediate performance gains. The cat 6 Ethernet cable is a solid choice for all network types.

Network Tool Kits are Convenient for Installs and Upgrades

Nov 12, 2012

Networking Tool KitWhether you’re on the installation end of a digital network or performing basic maintenance, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having the right network tool kit. Some tasks are nearly impossible without the right tool for the job, such as repair of patch panel connections and loose plugs. Other tasks, like wire stripping, are made time consuming without the right tool. Network tool kits offer all the right tools for the job.

Range of Options
Tool kits come in different types based on the intended use. A professional kit of networking tools, for instance, typically includes a LAN tester, punch-down blade and impact tool, and a modular plug ratcheting crimping tool. Kits for voice and data network maintenance include a tone probe and generator, set of hex key wrenches and a network cable tester. You might also choose a simple termination kit, multi-network installation or digital SMARTprobe kit.

Kit Benefits
Network Tool Kits from are extremely beneficial. They collect all the primary tools for network specialists in one case that is easy to transport. Collecting networking tools one at a time can get expensive and you may find yourself without a necessary tool at exactly the wrong moment. Choose the appropriate network tool kit for convenience and savings.

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