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How to Connect a Laptop to Your TV or Large Screen Monitor

Jul 27, 2012

Tying your shoes, boiling an egg, and connecting your device to your TV? It really is the simplest things in life that are the most valuable to know. That’s why we’re breaking down the many devices you may want to connect to your big screen TV for you, or a friend to easily follow. This week, let’s connect a laptop!

hdmi adapters for TV and laptops

Cables to Connect Computer Laptops to TV

Most of your laptops will have an HDMI output, which can handle both audio and video. If you’re connecting to a new TV, it should also have an HDMI input, which means you only need the one HDMI cable to provide your connection. If not, see if there is an adapter that can provide an HDMI end, so you don’t need a second cable for your audio connection as well.

  • Apple Outputs – Those with an Apple device will likely need a display port adapter, which will allow it to connect to an HDMI cable.
  • Working with an older model TV? – You may need a RCA or HMDI to DVI adapter to connect. But trust us, HDMI is the way to go.

Getting it Just Right

Once you have chosen the correct cable for both audio and video, and connected the devices, you will have to select your input. Some monitors will pick it up automatically, others you will have to change your Source, Input, or Channel until you have chosen this new device. On your computer, you can go into your display settings, found in the Control Panel, to then mirror what is seen on your computer. You can also choose to extend your laptop display onto the TV, making it an added space. 

Road Trip Tips: Cables You Need to Keep in the Trunk

Jul 18, 2012

Jumper cables? Check. Of course you have those, but do you have audio cables, power cables, and all the rest? Summer is the time for road trips, holiday getaways, and cabin weekend trips. Whether you want to cut off from the world on vacation or plan to enjoy the amenities (but hopefully not plan on working from home!) it’s easy to forget an essential.

power adapter - power strip - triangle cables

For the road:

Adapters and car chargers. If you’re using a cigarette lighter adapter for the car, you can use any cable with a USB end to charge your cell phone or camera. USB converters can help connect other devices that didn’t come with a standard USB type cable for charging. Make sure everyone in the car has their own headphones to enjoy for a really long trip! Also, remember a doc to rest your iPod, cell phone, or other in use items so they’re safely tethered.

For the vacation home:

Cables are inexpensive, so rather than risk leaving behind a pair and needing to pack extra, get chargers just for the vacation home. That means power strips as well. You should also stock up on standard appliances. Rather than permanently place any cable lines, use a removable tape like gaffer’s tape to bind cables and keep them out of the way.

For overseas:

If you’re a frequent flyer, you already know, but first time travelers will need to stock up on adapters and chargers for overseas outlets. Remember spare batteries for any devices you can’t get a new charger for.


Where do you plan to go this summer? Are you bringing Triangle Cables with you?

Audio Cables and Gifts for Father In Laws

Jul 13, 2012

Your father-in-law made an enormous contribution to your life in raising your spouse, and he likely helps out in other ways as well. Several occasions present the opportunity to show appreciation for his many contributions, including your wedding and Father-in-Law Day recognized on July 30th. Buying gifts for men is easy, if you focus on a few facts.

hdmi cables

Getting to know your father-in-law begins with asking your spouse for help. Engaging dad in conversation is a lot easier with some basic information and alone time. Find out what he already has, and use this to understand what he needs. Take the time to research purchases and include side-items, such as an AC power cord, battery charger, external power extender, and so on.

Most men are interested in electronics, for instance, much more so than clothing. If dad enjoys running or other forms of exercise, researching new athletic electronics that interface with the computer may be worthwhile. If dad prefers plug-in tools over battery-operated ones, a high-quality AC power cord is a great multi-purpose gift.

For upgrades or additions, don’t forget necessary accessories. Including that signal converter or external power extender will let dad know you put thought into the gift.


Today’s Technology Could Have Helped Amelia Earhart to Survive Plane Crash

Jul 5, 2012

Think of what your life would be like without technology. You panic when you misplace your mobile phone, the batteries are running low or are even dead, or the power cable for your digital television is not working properly. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and it does. But along with satellite televisions and computers, you need to have proper and reliable cable testers, cable adapters and similar products to keep all your technological products operating smoothly.

Technology has made our world smaller and more accessible. flying safe - trianglecables

Think of what the world was like in 1937 when aviatrix Amelia Earhart attempted to fly around the world. Earhart was often out of range of radio communications during her flight. Researchers theorize that she survived the crash of her Lockheed Electra airplane in the South Pacific, possibly on an uninhabited island of Nikumaroro, part of the Pacific archipelago Republic of Kiribati.

If Earhart would have carried equipment such as a cable tester or extra power cables she may have been able to avert doom.

Other technological items such as GPS, an operating mobile phone and cable adapters to keep it all working would have allowed researchers to locate and rescue her.

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