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Invest Your Summer in Audio Visual Exploration

May 28, 2012

audio adaptersMultimedia broadcasting and recording have really exploded for the amateur that wants to explore these areas. It is no longer an exclusively professional endeavor to create your own album or music video, nor do you have to wait to be discovered before you produce your own comedy show. YouTube videos receive viral status based on viewer interest, not executive approval, and summer is the ideal time for a teen with time on his hands to try those hands at media endeavors. 

So what do you need to get started?

Proper equipment can help in the process, as audio adapters and stereo adapters provide the connections needed to make the equipment you have work for the purposes you have in mind. Find a good source for your stereo adapters so that you will have clear sound. Audio adapters allow you to connect your electronic instruments to your own speaker system, creating the audio you need. Whether you are working with your smartphone or your parents’ camcorder, you can work with a trial and error approach in order to create interesting audio and visual effects.

As you find interesting ways to create the multimedia production of your choice, you may just become an overnight sensation. One viral hit is all it takes!

College Graduation Gifts and Tips: from HMDI Cables to Tape!

May 18, 2012

It’s not just high school grads who need a gift bag when they move up and onwards! College graduates often move into their first apartment or first not-so great apartment once they leave the nest and start to live a life in the real world. Lend a helping hand by preparing these graduates with the tools they need to survive in the real world.

hdmi cablesHere are few things to put on your college graduate  gift shopping list:

Protective pieces. Keystone inserts for those shady rooms with exposed wall plate units. There’s nothing more dangerous than exposed wiring or holes, so make sure that your graduate is safe with covered jacks.

The perfect entertainment system. Was a new flat screen TV and BluRay player on the graduate gift list? Remember to get them all the necessary mounting equipment and cables to connect it all. HDMI cables are always a must for the newest media systems!

Tape, tape, lots of tape. Electrical tape, duck tape, masking tape, they’re all essentials at some point. Buy yourself packing tape so you can send lots of care packages their way!

Tiny toolkits. While toolboxes are typically a ‘new couple,’ ‘new house,’ or wedding present, a smaller starter toolkit will go a long way for a new apartment. Screws, hammers, tape measure, and any other basics can help add comfort to the new place. 

High School Graduation Gifts and Tips: from HMDI Wall Plates to Audio Splitters

May 9, 2012

A big hurrah and congrats to all of the 2012 graduates out there! There’s so much to be proud of, from working hard in classes to all of the hard work that so many graduates are doing after classes as well to expand their high school resume. There are so many classes to prepare a high school graduate for college classes, but few really touch on what’s needed for the college life.

From Ethernet cables to shower caddies, the shopping list for college can seem endless. That’s why we’ve put together a perfect Triangle Cables ‘off to college’ gift list for the grad in your life.

- Spare roll of duck tape and electrical tape for an emergencies that might crop up.

- A long and short length of Ethernet cables. One for the dorm and a spare one is handy for hooking up to the internet in the study hall or library if there’s no wireless.

- Expect your new grads to be printing lots of papers, so load them up with printer ink cartridges.

USB cables are essential to so many devices, a spare USB for charging the cell phone or transferring files for a presentation can be a lifesaver!

Catch us next week as we go over the top tips for college graduates as they move into off campus housing and great ideas for a graduate’s first apartment!

Make Mom’s Day with Complication Free Audio Cables

May 4, 2012

This Mother’s Day if you’re stumped on how to make mom happy, look no further than audio cables. This may sounds like a crazy idea, but Mom will love the easy clean up and easy connecting of new cables in her life.

ethernet cablesGreat color coded cables. Sometimes after you’ve hooked up the electronics it tends to result in a tangled mess. Save Mom the frustration and headaches of finding where each cable connects with the convenience of color coded audio RCA cables – it makes hooking up electronics such a breeze!

Keep it untangled.If you will be doing the connecting of cables or Mom knows her way around the electronics, audio cables are still a great gift. Maybe Mom has to do the cleaning around the cables and electronics. She won’t get frustrated with your ever-growing collection of cables behind the television when she sees them all detangled and organized. When you choose the correct length of cable needed they won’t even tangle and are even easier to keep organized.

To see our extensive line of audio cables, visit Take Mom’s worries and frustrations away this Mother’s Day. She will be happy you did and you will love the great audio you’ll be receiving. Everyone is a winner with audio cables!

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