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Capture the St Patrick Day Spark With Cables and Cameras!

Feb 24, 2012

Big memories and bigger plans are already in store for many people this year. Whether you’re planning an office party, friendly party at a pub, or to attend a big parade, make sure that this year you record it all. Make the most of your St. Patrick Day memories by following these simple steps:

  • spare cableRemember to bring your camera. Pack it in your case for protection from any inebriated people around you.
  • Have your camera or camcorder charged. If your video recording device is your phone, make sure that it’s charged as well. Possibly bring a spare cable charger for your device. It’s easy to forget, but when you’re using the camera on your phone, it uses up the battery much faster than you’re probably used to.
  • Get a shot of all your friends, coworkers, etc. No one should be forgotten just in case they do something memorable!
  • After all is said and done, get your video ready to present to the whole office. Using one of our monitor cables, like our mini DisplayPort adapters to get your tiny camera picture on the big screen.

Get ready for the holiday and the memories with the right video and photo recording equipment! Are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

Stressed? Stop the Cable Tension with Port Savers: Our Smart Solution of February

Feb 17, 2012

HDMI port saversWork is stressful enough so why add tension to your business situation with bent, twisted, and kinked cables. The more your business grows, the more you’ll need to have connected. Whether this means bringing internet connectivity to your flat panel monitors, syncing your computer and video displays or just adding additional USB ports to your towers, you’ll need to make smart cable decisions.

Our Smart Solution of the Month?
Port savers! Using port savers will make your cables easier to handle, set up and reduce the additional tension that makes signals loose strength faster.

  • Here’s a few port saving solutions for your business, or even office set up!
  • HDMI port savers are a must for flat panel displays. The whole point of your flat panel is to have it mounted as close to the wall as possible, leaving little room for cables. Swivel port, 90 degree and 270 degree port savers
  • Older panel displays or computer monitors will need a DVI port saver to create a snug fit that allows for different DVI connections, without lengthy cords.
  • USB ports can be few and far to reach. USB port savers make it easy to adapt to different types of USB pin cables, as well as provide that angle to make plugging into a hidden USB panel much easier.

What other smart solutions can you think of? We’ll have more for you every month here at

A Valentine’s Wish: 5 Reasons We Love Component Video Cables

Feb 10, 2012

Won’t you be mine, component video cables? February is the month of love. Here’s five reasons we’re declaring our love for component video cables.component video cables

  1. Affordable and easy to upgrade. We’re not saying that these cables are like a cheap date, they’re just not high maintenance. Which we’re very thankful for on holidays like Valentine’s Day when we want them to work just right! Even when one wears down, it’s not a hassle to find a new cable, at an affordable price.
  2. Easy to match. Color coding is perhaps the sweetest thing about component video cables. When you’re working with various black cables with slightly different heads and pins, you’re going to welcome the easy color to color match for your component video cables.
  3. No tools needed. Have you ever gotten halfway through mounting or installing new hardware, only to realize that you’ve forgotten an essential tool? The only thing that can possibly measure up to the sickening disappointment is…
  4. Realizing the piece doesn’t fit. The tool is wrong, the screw’s the wrong size or the placement has been misjudged. Now you’ve either got to take apart all of that work or be stuck with a halfway finished project.
  5. Triangle Cables has them all. You might call us the experienced component video cable company, and we’re not ashamed. We know our cables well, which means we offer cable splitters, wall plates, adapters, and more!

Set up the Sounds for your Sultry Valentine’s Night

Feb 3, 2012

Forget Valentine’s Day, we all know that the magic happens on when the lights have gone dark, Barry Manilow is playing low, and your table is set for dinner on Valentine’s night. If you want to build a really romantic night, and then make it special by surprising that special someone with music where it’s least expected. With the right stereo adapters you’ll be able to rearrange and bring the music to you, rather than have to make your way to where the music is. What do you need for this big romantic gesture?stereo adapters

  1. First, pick your perfect place. Do you want to make music play outside as the lights flash on? Maybe you want to bring the stereo speakers into the kitchen to roll out as you bring out the desert?
  2. Next, figure out what kind of connectors your speakers use. Most likely you’re looking to extend your universal f type connectors, with a 3.5mm 1/8 inch cables. These stereo adapters are common and easily found at You can even hook your existing speakers up to your iPod with the stereo adapters, so there are fewer wires to manage.
  3. Finally, set up when your Valentine’s date isn’t home, as quickly and quietly as possible. That way it’s a complete surprise!

Make the music happen on Valentine’s night wherever you like. Set up a stunning surround system with stereo adapters for your musical bliss.

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