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DisplayPort Adapters Fix all your High Def Problems

Jan 26, 2012

The world of monitors is constantly improving. One way to stay up is to get the monitors that are better than the most popular and really high performing, like DisplayPort monitors. If you have a DisplayPort monitor for your computer you already know about the rich visual experience, crystal clear and the one clear downside, the DisplayPort… port. While it’s ideal for your computer, the monitor is actually pretty usable for other media devices and applications with the right DisplayPort adapters.

Once you hook up your DisplayPort to say, your DVD player, you’ll love the look on your DisplayPort monitor. So what other uses can you get out of your Display Port?

Get the most use with multi-media use

  • Connect to a gaming system, media player, or any other HDMI output with the DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. You can play your video games, watch movies or view television all from the same monitor you work on. For homes, this reduces the space taken up by various monitors and screens, and at the office this allows you to perform multiple media presentations.
  • You can also use a DisplayPort to VGA adapter to connect to computers using the more typical VGA connection.

Have you considered the DisplayPort monitors or have one? How do you like it?

Are you a Video, Audio & Computer Cable Hoarder? A 4 Question Quiz

Jan 20, 2012

They’re out there, lurking, sneaking and sulking about.


No, it’s not a TV reality show, but a condition. It’s not serious, but it will affect your television and music habits.

computer  cablesDo you live with a cable hoarder or are you one?

We’ve crafted together this easy question and answer to determine if you are in fact a cable hoarder.

Q 1 – Are there audio cables running from your television or media boxes that aren’t actually connected to anything?
Q2 – Is there a box filled with cables you don’t ever use anymore, but think “I might need this someday?”
Q3 – Are you still holding onto cables that you don’t even know what they are, never mind what they were ever used for?
Q4 – Are you ‘Mcgyver’ing adapters, cables, tape and maybe a paper clip or two to have your network or entertainment system up and running?

If you said yes to most of these questions, then you are, very likely a cable hoarder. If you passed, and are not a hoarder, test the other people in your house. Someone else may very likely be a cable hoarder, in which case you can refer them to the care and concern of We have the cables to solve you cable issues, with the right sizes cables for your situation or adapter to create a safe and functional connection.

Tidy You, a Better Year with Triangle Cables and RG-6 Video Cables

Jan 13, 2012

New Year’s Resolutions give us reason to try better and harder. Many customers all write the same things on their lists:RG-6 video cables

-Organize my cables and cords.

-Keep a tidier home and home entertainment center.

We’d love to help make these goals come true, with these simple and easy tips.

-Dust off, clean out, and reorganize cables. Unhook all your electronic boxes, such as the cable, DVD player, music player, satellite box, etc., and give them a thorough cleaning with pressurized air to get deep inside. While unhooked, unravel and unkink any cables that may have gotten twisted over the year as new devices were added.

-Measure and make the right RG-6 video cables selections. You want cables that fit the entertainment system you have, without tangling, wrapping around each other or not quite reaching. Adapters help when you don’t have the length, but are unnecessary when you can get different lengths of video cables that actually meet your needs.

Make your home entertainment system really something to be jealous of – and easy to clean. Get all the right lengths and adapters for your RG-6 video cables and more at – your place for New Year’s Resolutions solutions.

ColoRCAsted Because of RCA Cables

Jan 6, 2012

When hooking up a new television or other electronic device did you find yourself using color coding plugs and cables to match their jacks in your new electronic device? These colorful cables just so happen to be extremely important to the functionality of your favorite electronics. From televisions to high tech digital cameras, color coded cables make everything easier and give you the connections you need!

What kind of cables are typically color coded?RCA composite cables
Many cables are color coded to make installation easy, but the ones we’re going to talk about today are called RCA composite cables. They are those three-headed cables with colored heads that match to the colored jacks in the back of your device. You may not realize what these three little plugs do for your device so let us explain for you.

The yellow plug is for composite video. Red is for the right channel of audio. Lastly the black or white cable is used for the left audio channel. Together they give you a clear picture and crystal clear audio surround sound.

RCA video cables are another type of color coded cable that are most commonly used for DVD players, high red TVs, computer monitors, plasma displays, etc.
Look out for these colored jacks on the items such as:

  • Televisions
  • Game Systems
  • Stereos
  • DVD Players
  • Camcorders
  • Digital Cameras

Next time you’re hooking up an electronic device with RCA cables you too can show off your knowledge of those three colors!

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