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Everything you never knew about XLR Audio Cables

Nov 25, 2011

Ask any audio professional and they’ll tell you that the best way to get sound is with our handy XLR audio cables. Industry professionals in theaters, television studios, reality tv, etc all use XLR cables for a reliable audio connection. If you asked what it is that makes XLR cables so useful, you’d cables

“They’re easy to plug in and out with 3 pin connectors.”
“The connection is snug, it doesn’t just fall out from a tug.”
“The strong plastic cable line is durable and flexible, just what I need for tight places.”

It’s the basics of what makes the XLR audio cables essential to a microphone or industry sound system. There are plenty of reasons that at least a five foot XLR audio cable is a must in a camera man’s bag. What you’re not going to hear are these industry secrets.

“XLR cables should be wrapped in a specific way, using the over-under method to prevent knots and twists.”
“When setting up a mic stand, you’ll have less chances of knocking it down when you wrap the XLR cable down around the pole and under the legs of the stand.”

You’ll find that XLR audio cables make a great addition to your audio bag!

Why We’re Thankful for our IT Professionals this Thanksgiving!

Nov 21, 2011

Every Thanksgiving you gather around a table and give thanks for many obvious things, but what about the no-so obvious? Here at, we like to give thanks for the many great IT professionals out there, doing what they do every day to keep businesses like ours and yours running. Think that the IT profession is just about clearing out the viruses off your computer? Think again.

Here’s just a few reasons you should be thankful for all that Information Technology professionals do:replacement power cords

  –  Managing and connecting the department to any of your outsourced services. This can be anything from billing, to payroll or even customer care.

  –  Always having replacement power cords on hand to fix your frayed or old power cords.

  –  Connecting you to the internet of course! They keep up the maintenance on patch panels as well as take responsibility for running each and every Ethernet cable to all computers.

  –  Picking up the phones and creating phone connections for you with phone line splitters and all the rest! tips their hats off to the IT professional this Thanksgiving. Remember yours, from the IT service man all the way to the Chief Information Officer, who makes sure that data gets where it needs to be and the entire business runs smoothly.

Mix Tapes for the Modern Age: How to Transfer Audio and other Large Files

Nov 10, 2011

Back in the day, wanted to make your own playlist or just liked a song you would make a mix tape. With just the click of two buttons you could record any song – so simple! Now there are so many ways to share music – how can you be sure that you’re doing it the right or easy way? When it comes to transferring large amounts of files – music, photos, video – just follow these simple steps.

First, get a 5 pin mini USB cable – it’s one of the simpler ways to transfer your files off of a camera, phone or external card reader when you don’t have a memory card. It uses a USB port – practically universal – so you can move the files off of the device and onto your computer.
5 pin mini USB cable
Next, take a look at those files. Do you need all of them? Delete the ones that aren’t necessary. Now, compress the files to make them easier to send. On a PC it will say “Send to Compressed (zipped) folder” on a Mac it will say to “Compress” – both create a zip folder.

Then figure out how to send these files. Your options include:

  • Flash drive
  • Email
  • File Transfer Site
  • Cloud Sharing
  • CD

Just upload the zipped file to one of these services, email it or copy it onto a flash drive to send to someone else. A burned CD is a great option when you need a permanent copy – like a music playlist for the car! If you’re putting the music on a CD, you don’t need to zip the files. You can just transfer the files over! What’s stopping you? Get those videos off of your camera and make a CD playlist of all your favorite moments!

Welcome to the New

Nov 3, 2011

Something looks a little different around here at No it’s not the changing of the seasons but the changing of our homepage! We’re now sporting a nice blue color in our header and font text – looks pretty slimming don’t you think?triangle cables

If you look at it you’ll see that it’s like we re-ordered our categories though patch panels, so everything is tidy and easier to find. You’ll notice that all of our categories are now grouped, neat and tight like a stack of neatly organized computer cables so they’re easier to browse though and find what you’re looking for.

When it comes to connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter, or even getting back to the great news at our Triangle Cables blog, you’ll find all the links neatly stacked like server boxes in the bottom right hand footer of the page.

Know what you’re looking for? Our search box was moved to the middle of the page, right by the logo so you can’t miss it! Still looking for anything and can’t find it, let us know! All of our important links are still here, we’re still offering the same great service, a lifetime warranty on all cables 30 day hassle free returns. We’ve just improved our looks! Let us know your thoughts on our new design!

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