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Everyday Inventions from Extraordinary Women

Oct 28, 2011

Earlier this month, we told you about the many both technology innovators that were in fact female, not male! While women did a lot for television, computers cables and more, they also were responsible for many other practical inventions as well that are still used today.female technology

However, women account for many more practical inventions that we still use today such as:

Windshield Wipers and Wiper Blades (1905)- by Mary Anderson.
Car Heaters (1893)- by Margaret Wilcox.
Kevlar (1964)- by Stephanie Kwolek made bullet proof vests possible!
Disposable Diapers (1950′s)- by Mary Donovan.
Liquid Paper (1951)- by Bessie Nesmith.
Chocolate Chips /Chocolate Chip Cookies (1930)- by Ruth Wakefield. Specifically she invented the famous Toll House Cookies!
Street Cleaning Machine (1900)- by Florence Parpart.
Circular Saw (1812)- by Tabitha Babbitt.
Cooking Stove (1867)- by Elizabeth Hawk.
Fire Escapes (1887)- by Anna Connelly.
Life Raft (1882)- by Maria Beaseley.
Dishwasher (1886) – by Josephine Cochran.
Refrigerator (1914)- by Florence Parpart.
Submarine Lamp and Telescope (1845)- by Sarah Mather.
Electric Hot Water Heater (1917)- by Ida Forbes.
Satellite Propulsion System (1960-) – by Yvonne Brill; the system helps satellites stay in orbit for longer periods.

The next time you use your windshield wipers or take a bite into a chocolate chip cookie, remember they were brought to you courtesy of a woman! In fact, Grace Hopper popularized the the term “debugging,” so the next time someone goes to fix your computer connections, think of Grace removing an actual moth from a computer! Women have contributed just as much as men when it comes to inventions. We champion women being involved in technology and hope to carry more women-invented products in the future!

Kindle Fire, the Cables and Connections on Amazon’s Latest eReader/Tablet

Oct 20, 2011

There is always something new and hot out in electronics, but the biggest thing that may be on many Christmas lists is Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire isn’t any old eReader, it’s the first color tablet device from Amazon’s Kindle line, with a multi-touch interface and the ability with watch movies, TV shows, play games, and of course read newspapers, books, magazines and more!3.5 mm stereo audio jack

So let’s take a look at what’s in the newest eReader. While it’s not out yet, this is what we do know.

  • It uses a USB 2.0 micro-B connector cable, much like our 5 pin micro B connectors.
  • The sounds comes from top-mounted stereo speakers, and you can hook in headphones using a 3.5 mm stereo audio jack.
  • The U.S. power adapter supports 100-240V.
  • As a color monitor is uses backlit, IPS (In plane switching) just as the iPad does, allowing you to go from horizontal to vertical orientation.

If the Kindle Fire is on one of your Christmas Shopping lists this year, try to order now! Before the Kindle is released November 15th they’re still offering it at a reduced price. This way you save and are able to buy all of the neat accessories, covers, and load it up with games and apps!

6 Benefits of Using a Patch Panel and Network Switch at Home

Oct 14, 2011

Offices know that a patch panel is an essential piece of hardware, but did you know that it can serve as a central location for multiple incoming and outgoing lines at home as well? A patch panel reconfigures where lines such as your WAN, LAN, audio, telephone and other electronic connections much quicker. 

patch panels and network switch

This gives you the ability to manually monitor, test, and switch cables located in the front that connect permanent cables – all configured in the back at a much quicker time frame.

Pair the patch panel with a network switch and your home will have secure connections allowing:

  1. Increased available network bandwidth.
  2. Increased network performance.
  3. A reduction in workload on individual computers if more than one in your house.
  4. A decrease in packet collisions (which is when two or more stations try to transfer a packet across a network at the same time).
  5. Protects against electronic interference.
  6. Allows one computer to access multiple LAN’s.

A network switch can also be used as an economical surge suppressor or firewall by switching to an unused position. It is also a dust and moisture proof mechanism.

By adding a patch panel and network switch to your home you will be able to connect several wired devices to your network instead of only being able to connect 2-3 wired devices. So why not set up your own mini network to include all of your favorite wired gadgets?


Great Achievements in Technology by Women

Oct 7, 2011

So often we think of tech as a guy thing. Women are however taking names and operating systems on par with any man. In fact throughout history women have been accomplishing great things for telephony applications, software and so much more!

In the 1800′s and for a large part of the 1900′s women were not able to get patents in their names, so many inventions are given credit to men. That makes it hard to make an accurate list of early inventions by women so it?s hard to say how many other inventions should be credited to women.

Female Inventors throughout History


1842-Ada Lovelace is known as the first computer programmer.
1942- Hedy Lamarr co-invented an early form of spread-spectrum broadcasting.
1942 -Grace Hopper along with Howard Aiken programmed The Harvard Mark 1 and II computer.
1952- Grace also developed the first complier for computer programming language which lead to COBOL.
1954- Erna Schneider Hoover developed a computerized telephone switching system as a researcher for Bell Laboratories; she was awarded one of the first software patents.
1965- Mary Allen Wilkes was the first developer of an operating system (LAP) for the first minicomputer.
1971-Ema S Hoover is responsible for the feedback control monitor for stored program data processing system.
1980′s- Rachel Zimmerman developed a software program using symbols that enables non speaking persons such as those with severe physical disabilities, to communicate when she was only 12 years old.
1993- Krisztina Holly along with two co-inventors, invented the stylus which allowed consumers to order items by scanning a bar code with the use of a stylus which in turn fed the information to the seller through a touch tone phone. She also co-invented telephony software – Visual Voice.

This is just a short list that includes the technology contributions from women. There really would be no reason to have to test LAN connections if people like Ada Lovelace hadn?t first worked on programming computers, and where would our compression termination tools be used without telephony applications from Krisztina Holly. What better way to celebrate then taking a look back at inventions by women!

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