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Ethernet Cable Color Feng Shui

Jul 29, 2011

ethernet cableFind inner peace and computer calm when you pick the right color Ethernet cable for your home or office set up. While your computer often comes with a generic grey or white cable, that’s no reason you can’t improve and brighten your workspace with a colorful cable instead.

Pick out a new Ethernet cable from and then use it as inspiration to improve several other small things in your workspace.

Once you’ve picked out a new cable, find new colorful office tools to match!

  • – Mouse
  • – Wrist support pad
  • – Stress ball
  • – Picture frame
  • - Flower vase (Fresh flowers also brighten the day!)

Find just one bright color and use it in several areas of your workspace to really brighten your day. Warm colors like red, orange and yellow will stimulate you, while cooler hues like green, blue, and purple will be more calming.

How do you make your workspace surroundings contribute to your inner peace?

Reinvent Your Work Space – Be More Productive!

Jul 27, 2011

Get more done and get it all done faster! We all want to be more productive when we work, and it's no surprise that it's easier to work harder when there are fewer distractions. Create a cleaner, more organized and less distracted workspace where you'll be able to get more done!

comfortable workspace
Make your workspace more work-friendly by:

  • -  Turning your desk to face away from distractions. You may need to turn away from the window with high traffic or turn from the calendar with reminders of things that aren't a priority now.
  • -  Bring all your important tools to you. Using computer cables, rearrange the work area so your printer and scanner are within reach – rather than down the hall.
  • -  Move all the light switches and hand lamps within reach. This way you won't keep thinking about the effort and wasted time of going across the room to hit the light, you'll be able to just click it.

Get your computer cables and power cables here at, to start your office renovations. More productivity can be yours with some simple rearrangements. How do you plan on being more productive this fall?

Netflix About to Lose the TV Provider Battle?

Jul 14, 2011

satellite multiswitchThis week, Netflix announced a big change in their plans, which angered a lot of customers. Starting September 1st, there will be two unlimited plans at $7.99 per month: an unlimited DVD plan or unlimited streaming plan. It will be $15.98 per month to get both streaming and DVDs. Previously both services were just $9.99 per month!

This may be bad news if you’ve been thinking of cutting the cable! If you’re now putting the brakes on your complete cut off from traditional TV providers, you can improve your current connection in the meantime.

Don’t I need expensive repairs and a technician to come in for satellite upgrades?
There are actually a lot of home solutions to improve your satellite reception. Using the satellite multi-switches you can upgrade and repair your satellite connection. There are also tools like cable splitters for those with an actual cable connection.

Whatever you plan to do with your current provider situation, make sure you know all the facts and research what will benefit you and your household in the long run. Are you planning on making any TV changes in your home?

Respect! 3 Ways to Celebrate National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Jul 8, 2011

watch movies at homeHere at, we observe National Cell Phone Courtesy Month practically year ‘round. For others, it’s harder. The more you use your cell phone, the more complacent you get. We understand, but we hope that for the month of July you’ll try to be more courteous, and encourage others to do the same.

Here’s three ways you can encourage respectful phone use this July:

  1. Shush Others. All year long, you’re looking for the perfectly polite way to tell someone to be quieter on the phone. Now you have the perfect excuse! Just tap the person on the shoulder and inform that it is ‘National Cell Phone Courtesy Month.
  2. Respect Energy. Part of being courteous is using energy efficiently. All cell phone chargers will use energy even when not connected to the phone. Your other power cables may also be using energy as well – so unplug them when not in use, too!
  3. Watch a Movie at Home. If you’re always fielding calls – and texts! – then try catching a movie at home instead of the theater. This way no one will be bothered by your cell phone, and you won’t have to feel guilty about ignoring calls for 120 minutes.

How else do you plan to be courteous on your cell phone for National Cell Phone Courtesy Month?

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