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5 Ways to Make your Computer Live Longer, and Happier!

Jun 30, 2011

Computer crashes, falls and spills. Nothing ruins a summer like a broken computer. While your computer may survive a small natural disaster, it’ll never be the same again.

Through simple smart placement, you can make sure your computer lives a long and happy life.

Here are a few places we’d advise to avoid leaving your computer by:

  • Near an open window. Summer storms can come suddenly and without warning. It’s one thing to realize that you’ve left your car windows open and another when it’s your computer at the window!
  • On top of a tall countertop. Try not to leaving that computer on top of any precarious perches. As it goes swinging down, the power cord can save the computer, but then you may have a broken cord!
  • Near a vase. It’s not just eating near the computer that you have to worry about. The pretty vase of fresh flowers may look nice, but it contains a lot more water than your average cup will. Keep your computer far from any liquids!

Missing keys and broken frames aside, you can get replacement parts or adapters to make up for broken power cords. You can find AC power cords here at

Where’s the Connection to the iCloud?

Jun 23, 2011

Apple has released yet another “iProduct.” So what exactly is the iCloud anyway?

The iCloud will:

  • Automatically backup all of your important content, such as iPhone information and purchased music.
  • Work off of three new apps. The Documents in the Cloud, Photo Stream, and iTunes in the Cloud will each sync documents, photos and music across devices.
  • Offer 5GB of free storage, which doesn’t include purchased content such as music and movies through iTunes.

The iCloud will be compatible with both Apple and PC computers, but still may not be your cup of tea. Since it doesn’t release until this fall, it’ll take that long to see if the iCloud turns out to be a MobileMe dud. Similar to iCloud, MobileMe was Apple’s $99 service that never took off as intended.

Until then, you can still always get reliable connection to transfer files between devices with the USB 2.0 type A to Micro Type B cables, available here at

4 Solutions for Your USB Missed Connections: Part 2

Jun 13, 2011

Still having issues with your USB drivers? Last week we started to talk about ways to fix your USB issues. This week we’re giving you two more ways to get your USB connection back up to speed.

  • Check that the driver software is updated. Usually the computer will automatically update all of your software or prompt you to do so, but sometimes – we don’t know why – it doesn’t happen. You can go into your computer settings to find drivers and programs, and update from there. Or go to the driver manufacturer’s website for the most recent version of the software.
  • Sometimes a USB port will quit on your computer. You can get a USB cable adapter to provide access to other hard to reach USB ports. Some may exist on the back of your computer tower.

Check out the great selection of USB cables and adapters from for reliable connections from your USB powered devices and USB drivers.

4 Solutions for Your USB Missed Connections: Part 1

Jun 10, 2011

Do your USB driver issues drive you up the wall? Sometimes your computer just won’t recognize your USB device, other times it flickers on and off! It’s crazy, ridiculous and downright frustrating!

Here’s a few of our troubleshooting methods to find the source of your driver issues:

  • Try the plug it in, plug it out method. It may seem silly but whatever you can disconnect, do it. So unplug the USB device or USB cable, then stick it back in. Give the port hole a cleaning with compressed air for good measure. If that doesn’t work try turning the computer on and off again.
  • If that still doesn’t work, you can go in and uninstall the drivers for your USB port on the computer – so long as you have the backup driver software. Uninstall and reinstall the driver, then restart the computer to make sure all changes have applied.

Check back next week out for more great ways to fix your USB driver and USB cable issues.

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