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How to Surprise Dad with a New Video Player for Father’s Day

May 31, 2011

Make Dad's day!

One of the best surprises you can get a Father is a brand new video player! This Father’s Day don’t just wrap the box and hand it off on Sunday morning. Make it a really special occasion by hooking it for him!

First, make sure you have correct video cables for installation. Many of the newer systems, like the BluRay players, require new video cables and adapters that don’t fit to your older model TV.

Second, set up a time to set up the player for him. See if the whole family can help out. If he’s an early to bed sort, set it up the night before Father’s Day. If he’s a late riser, try to hook up all of the video and audio cables first thing in the morning.

Finally, wrap the empty box up. Stick a note inside, “Go to the living room.” He’ll be so surprised not just by the gift but the thoughtfulness of the entire family!

How to Keep your Coils Fray-Free

May 24, 2011

Clean up your cables

The worst thing that can happen to your cords is one little bend in the wrong direction. Next thing you know, you’ve cracked the plastic. One wrong tug and your entire cord may go!

It’s a shame when there are just so many little things you can do to preserve the integrity of your cords. Try these tips for your cords.

  • A lot of thin audio cables see a lot of use. They tend to bend right at the point of connection – where they can fray! For those thin audio cables, like mini stereo cables, simply take the spring coil out of an old pen. Wrap the cable around the base of the cord, so it never gets too bent out of shape!
  • Use a cable organizer to keep your cables kink-free. An organizer like a cable management panel will keep all of your cables neat and separated. That way when you go in to move a cable, you don’t pull any the wrong way.

Give your cords live long lives by taking care of them – just like you do the rest of your electronics!

How to Bring Your Home Theatre Outside

May 12, 2011

You don't have to stay inside to watch a movie

Hot summer weather or air conditioned breezes? Do those really have to be your choices all summer long? You can also embrace the cool shaded comfort of your covered patio, giving you a way to enjoy the warm weather and breezes while also enjoying a great movie.

Set up an outdoor home theatre in the safety of your enclosed patio or porch, so you can watch movies and television along with the fresh air of the outdoors!

What do you need:

  • A secondary television, preferably something small and easy to mount.
  • A DVD player or laptop to run DVD’s through.
  • Small speakers, like the old ones you have in the basement.
  • Video cables and adapters to bring your satellite or cable connection outside. (You may not need a DVD player if you plan to download movies!)
  • External power cables, to bring it all together!

Your outdoor home theatre doesn’t need to be anything fancy, use regular tables and cabinets to mount the equipment. It can be a very casual set up! Get all your video cables and external power cables for your home theatre system here at

How to Watch Online Movies on the Big Screen!

May 10, 2011

Watch your online movies wherever you'd like!

Do you watch online movies? Sure it used to be something just pirating teenagers did, but now there are lots of online services that off legitimate ways to watch movies online.

Which is great for saving gas money, since the movie comes to you!

You know all those On Demand movies you can get through your local cable or satellite provider? Some of them, like Comcast will offer cheaper On Demand movies to download to your computer! In fact, there are lots of online services that stream movies and even television content, like Netflix or Hulu.

Sure the idea of watching movies curled up around a computer screen isn’t that appealing, but were you aware you could simply hook up your computer to your television? It’s just another monitor after all! It’s as simple as figuring out what similar input and outputs your computer and television have in common. Many will both have a VGA port, letting you connect the two with a VGA adapter!

Save a few bucks by watching a movie at home, and picking up your monitor adapters here at

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