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VGA Converters and your iPad

Mar 30, 2011

Your iPad's best friend

The iPad is just one of the latest tablet devices out in the market; in fact, Apple has released two versions, already improving features of the first.

If you have either the iPad or iPad 2 you may be excited about the possibilities of streaming iPad content onto a television or external monitor. It’s exciting but there are some things you might not know about how VGA equipped displays work with your VGA adapters.

The iPad VGA adapter cannot show certain licensed content bought in the iTunes store. It’s a definite downside for many movies and even some applications that you may want to display on an external monitor.

Once you’ve determined that a VGA adapter is for you, you might decide that one screen isn’t enough, for instance in a teaching demonstration. In this case, you’ll want to look at hooking your iPad up to a VGA Splitter like those available at, which will allow you to broadcast on multiple devices.  Also, remember when looking at the VGA splitters and adapter to be aware of bandwidth and monitor resolutions and how they will correspond to your iPad display.

Greener, Safer, and “Plug-less” Electric Cars?

Mar 20, 2011

I'm wireless, baby!

Electric powered cars are on the verge of going wireless – wireless power that is! In the tech world, news is that Google’s latest efforts to encourage and promote safe and green technology will involve testing a new wireless electric vehicle charging system — taking electric powered cars to a whole new level!

The “Plugless Power” car, designed by a company called Evatran, simply parks above a charger device to power up. Google currently uses several electric cars for use on its Mountain View, CA facilities.

While this certainly cuts out the messy cords and plugs situation – and who doesn’t love going wireless – the cars will still need to be charged regularly from one central location.

Does this change your mind about electric cars? Would you be interested in a park and charge vehicle?

In the meantime, is here for all of your current every day electricity needs with safe power supplies and surge protectors.

The Circle of Life: Setting Up your Own Cables

Mar 18, 2011

Set up your own cables

Remember old houses with old wiring? Every time the circuit was overloaded, you would need a trip to downstairs to reset or flip the circuit breaker. Whether it was a case of too many electrical devices on one circuit – or just using a microwave or hairdryer — you ran the risk of tripping off the circuit.

Now we’re all very concerned with setting up the computer and cable systems. Do you have a connection? Is it done right? Why didn’t I choose satellite!?  Instead of just checking for too many computers on one system you have a lot more to set up and consider. Do it your selfers who put in their own electrical wiring will need the right tools to get in and build their own Ethernet and computer cable connections.

You can find quality testers and tools that will help you build a failsafe cable system here at

National Save Your Vision Month

Mar 7, 2011

Keep your eyes working

One of the things that we like to pride ourselves on here at, is the ability to bring you stunningly clear picture and video quality.  Whether you are watching something on your television or working on your computer, it is always rewarding and entertaining to see high quality images.  We have several video cable adapters in our inventory, if you were interested in upgrading the quality of your images.

However, just because you have amazing pictures, doesn’t mean you should spend most of your time staring at a screen.  In the interest of March being “National Save your Vision Month,” we wanted to do our part to remind you that it is important to take breaks from time to time.  You don’t always need to be on the computer, playing video games, or watching TV.  Doing this for too long a period of time can start to impact your vision, which is something you want to avoid.

Remember:  You only have two eyes.  Once you lose your sight, you can’t get it back.

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