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Save Your Equipment with a Telecom Protector

Jan 31, 2011

Although most of the electronic equipment is making the switch over to digital information transfer, there are still some devices that will utilize analog systems.  Due to the fact that the phone jacks for both digital and analog look the same, it can be difficult to tell them apart.

In addition, it can be extremely damaging to your computer equipment if you attempt to plug into the wrong type of data transfer jack.  Both forms use different voltage, which can cause extensive damage to your hardware.

In order to keep your equipment protected, you should consider using a telecom protector.  This device plugs into any type of phone jack and can instantly tell you if it is transmitting in analog or digital, if the line is transmitting anything, the polarity of the line, along with other important information you need to correctly use your equipment.  This small device can provide you with lots of vital data, while also preventing damage to your computer.

Ethernet Cables for Winter Vacations

Jan 24, 2011

This looks much better than snow, doesn't it?

It really seems like it has been a harsh winter this year.  The temperatures have been colder than usual, we’ve see a lot of snow, and some parts of the country were literally buried in ice.  It is no wonder why many people take their vacation time in the winter.

Getting out of your normal routine and getting to some place that is warmer can certainly help you relax and recuperate.  It can also give you a chance to get online without having to worry about being bombarded with hundred of work e-mails.  You can surf both the web and the ocean in peace.

But sometimes wireless internet connections can be unreliable in vacation spots.  Or sometimes certain computers simply have a difficult time interacting with certain wireless networks.  Don’t be frustrated simply because your computer can’t get online.  Make sure that you bring a spare Ethernet cable along so that you can still plug into a router or other type of connection. provides you with Ethernet cables of all lengths, so that you can find the length that is perfect for you.

Spring Semester School Supply Reminders

Jan 10, 2011

We are getting closer and closer to the start of the 2011 Spring Semester. Students everywhere will begrudgingly return to their campuses from the holiday break. Even though it is never fun to see a vacation end, the start of a new semester can always be fun and exciting as you reconnect with friends and start new classes.

As students dive into the fresh semester, we at wanted to wish you the best of luck. We also wanted to take the to time remind you of some items you may need as you progress through the next few months. These are the kind of items that can save you a lot of hassle if you were to pick them up now.

Ethernet Cables

As sophisticated as modern wireless Internet technology can be, it sometimes can let you down. You always want to have a back-up method of connecting to the Internet should something be wrong with the wireless network. Most dorms, libraries, or computer labs do offer ports for you to access the Internet through a wired connection. In order to do so however, you’ll need an Ethernet cable. Ethernet cables allow you to connect to a network, connect your computer to a printer, or even connect gaming consoles like the X-Box 360.

Get Printer Ink also provides you with HP Inkjet cartridges at the best prices on the web. Having a few extra ink cartridges is never a bad idea. Imagine if you finished a research paper ten minutes before class starts. All you need to do is click “print,” staple the paper, and walk to the classroom. Plenty of time. But you soon notice that the printer isn’t printing. You realize you are out of ink! Now you need to run to the library first and hope you can find an open computer. You now are running the risk of being late for your class. But all of this could have been avoided, if you had stocked up on your HP Inkjet cartridges.

We hope that you have a stress-free and enlightening semester.

Even More Crazy Computer Support Stories

Jan 10, 2011

A few weeks ago we brought you some amazing, yet true, stories of people calling for technical support.  A lot of the anecdotes that we brought your way are hard to believe.  As you read through some of the tales, you know that you simply can not come up with these kinds of stories.  Due to some positive feedback, we thought we’d bring you a few more:

One customer support agent received a call about a faulty modem.  After asking the customer to relay the name of the icon they had just clicked on, the customer kept saying “Okay.”  Finally the agent firmly asked for the name of the icon she had clicked on.  The customer responded:  The mouse?

Another tech support specialist picked up the phone to hear an angry man on the other end of the line who demanded satisfaction.  After failing to actually identify his problem, he informed the specialist that he had called AOL, Tiscali, and Nildram, but they didn’t help out.  The agent realized that the customer was trying to get online.  The agent then tried to describe what the back of the modem looked like and then explain where he should plug in the Cat 5 Ethernet cable. The client replied, “I have to wire the stupid thing in?”

We sometimes wonder how these tech guys keep their sanity.

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