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December is International Calendar Awareness Month

Nov 30, 2010

We at just wanted to take some time to let you know that December is recognized as International Calendar Awareness Month.  The simple fact is that December is the final month of the year.  Once it ends, we all need new calendars!

We just wanted to remind you now so that you remember to get your 2011 calendar before the new year actually starts.  Half the fun of a calendar is to see what picture the new month will bring.  If you buy a 2011 calendar in March, then you’ve already missed two months worth of pictures!  So make sure that you get your new calendars now while there is still time.  Calendars also make excellent Christmas gifts for people at your office.

Of course if you’d like to print your own unique calendar, we also have HP Inkjet cartridges at the best prices on the web.  Visit to see the wide selection of HP Inkjet cartridges that we have to offer.

HP Inkjet Cartridges: Funny Printer Stories

Nov 24, 2010

Today, we wanted to remind you that our HP Inkjet cartridges are available for the lowest prices on the web.  Likewise, if you add two HP Inkjet cartridges to your order, you won’t have to pay for any shipping costs!  It is a great deal and a great price for a great product.  Make sure you visit so you can see all of the deals we have to offer.

Don't get caught without ink!

In addition, we’ve gotten some positive comments back on the tech horror stories posts, so we decided that whenever we get the chance, we will try to include something similar.  In order to use your HP Inkjet cartridges, you need a printer.  What follows are a few stories from tech support agents that involve printers.

~Customer:  “It won’t print anymore”

Tech Support:  “Is the printer turned on?”

Customer:  “Well, yes, but…the PC ain’t.  Never mind.  Bye.”

~Tech Support:  “Is this a local or LAN printer?”

Customer:  “It’s on my desk.”

~Customer:  “Excuse me, is this ink cartridge compatible with Windows Millennium Edition?”

~Customer:  “I am having problems printing.  Does this have anything to do with the meteor shower?”

~Customer:  “My computer keeps printing blank pages”

Tech Support:  “Tell me what you are doing to print”

Customer:  “I press this button on the printer, and the page comes out blank”

Tech Support:  “Well, Sir, this is not the way to print, but I can show you how, let’s go to your PC.”

Customer:  “The what?”

Tech Support:  “Your PC—Your computer.”

Customer:  “What’s that?”

Tech Support:  “The computer , the thing with the keyboard, the monitor, the PC.”

Customer:  “I don’t have one of those.”

Tech Support:  “Then why did you buy this printer?”

Customer:  “Well, I went to Radio Shack, pressed this button, and it would print out pretty pictures.”

End of Semester Study Tips

Nov 20, 2010

We at know that a portion of our customer base consists of college students.  Since it is getting very near the end of the semester, we wanted to take the time provide a number of study tips that college students can use as they start to prepare for their final examinations.

1)      Keep Yourself Healthy: This is an oftentimes overlooked element to preparing for a test.  Get plenty of sleep, wash your hands, take Vitamin C, and stay away from things that may make you sick. Just think of how terrible it would be if during your final you had a  sinus headache, runny nose, and all kinds of aches and pains.  As an additional benefit, if you stay healthy for your final, that means you’re also healthy for your winter break!

2)      Know Test Material: Believe it or not, most professors will provide you with this information. Make sure to ask your professor if the final exam is cumulative or if it is simply on the last subject you covered.  Is it an essay test or multiple choice?  Make sure you know, so that you can study the appropriate material.

3)      Organize Your Notes: Take a look at your notes?  Did you write down the notes quickly to try and keep pace with the lecture?  Are your notes split up between notebook pages and handouts? Take some time to reorganize and rewrite your notes in an easy to read and easy to find fashion. It will serve as a mini-review and you will be doing yourself a favor in the long run.

4)      A Dorm is Not a Study Location: Your dorm is a place for you to live.  It is where you sleep, watch TV, play video games, hang out with friends, get ready for the day, etc.  Why would you also want to study in this place?  Get out and get to a place that is quieter and more conducive to studying.  Your school’s library will have isolated stations or isolated rooms so that you can study with a group.

Hopefully with these tips you will be able to better prepare for your final examinations.  In case your final is a paper or project, don’t forget that can provide you with computer cables and HP Inkjet cartridges.

Christmas Shopping Now

Nov 17, 2010

We have officially entered into the 2010 holiday shopping season.  Now is the time to get out your list, check it twice, and figure out who in your mind is naughty or nice.  We encourage you to consider getting your Christmas shopping done early so that you don’t have to stress or fight the crowds when you go out to the shopping centers.

You can also consider doing all of your shopping online, so that you can avoid the shopping centers all together. can help you achieve this goal.  We have a number of great products that you can give to anyone in your life who is technically savvy or simply wants to have a clearer picture on their television for which they can use an HDMI cable.

We also advise making your orders now because you want to make sure that you get your holiday items before the holidays.  As we get closer to Christmas, there are few days left for the postal service to get you your items.  Why chance it?  Order now so that your gifts arrive on time.

Want to save some extra money?  Don’t forget:  If you add two HP Inkjet Cartridges to your order, you will not be charged for shipping!

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