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Articles and Information

Aug 27, 2010

We at know that when it comes to the technical terms and descriptions of many of the products that we carry in our inventory, it can get confusing.  For people who don’t make their living off of repairing, programming, or designing computers and computer equipment, the vast amount of products out there can make your head spin.  It may seem difficult to isolate which Ethernet cable or HP ink cartridge you actually need when it comes to getting a replacement part. has created a separate page on our site to help sort out all of the technical information or to help give better descriptions of what our products actually can do.  These resources can be found on our articles and information page and cover a vast amount of items from fiber optic testers, to s video cables, to HDMI cables, to wireless VGA converters, to composite video cables, to a number of other articles.

So if you ever need extra clarification, make sure to check out this page as it may have the answer that you need to help inform your purchase.

Be Ready for Any Job

Aug 23, 2010

If you are not an electrician but like to perform as many of your own repairs as possible, then having the right tools is a must.  Your repair mission won’t be very successful without the right tool in the toolbox.

This is especially true if you are attempting to repair a damaged or severed computer cable.  Cables require a lot of care when repairing, so we do recommend at least consulting with a professional before you take on such a task.

One important tool that everyone should have when working with cables is a wire crimping tool.  These tools are essential in helping you prepare the cable for repair.  A crimping tool from not only gives you the option to crimp a wire, but also provides you with wire strippers so that you can create a bare lead if you need to splice wires together.  This tool is versatile and can be handy in other home electronic repair ventures.

Always Be Able To Connect

Aug 16, 2010

If you are the type of person who travels a lot, or are someone who relies heavily on the internet, you want to make sure that you are always able to access the web.  Although many public locations now offer free Wi-Fi access, you never know when you’ll be in a location that doesn’t.  Or, you never know when you’ll be in a location where your computer and the wireless network simply won’t sync up.

Therefore, we recommend always traveling with a Category 5E network ethernet cable.  These cables are the ones you need to allow your computer to connect to the internet.  Having one in your computer bag is always a surefire bet to make sure you can link to the internet if you can’t get on through the wireless network.

There can be several situations in which you need to access the internet while you are traveling:

-For your job
-To keep track of your online banking
-To access your email account for important correspondence
-Keep updated on news that is important to your personal interests
-Manage fantasy sports teams
-Keep tables on your social networking accounts
-Manage your online store
-Plus countless other scenarios

Fantasy Football Drafts Can Be More Social

Aug 4, 2010

Are you the kind of person who gets caught up in the thrill of fantasy football?  Do you find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat wondering if Chris Johnson is going to break off a 50-yard touchdown run so that you can claim victory?  Do you bite your nails waiting to see if Peyton Manning is going to throw the next touchdown to Reggie Wayne or Dallas Clark?  Do you have heart palpitations waiting to see if Brett Favre is actually going to retire?

The point is that fantasy football is a fun and exciting activity for any football fan.  The best part of the season is the actual draft day when you learn which NFL player is going to be on your team for the duration of the season.

But most drafts occur online these days due to the ease of online software.  For the most part, we’ve given up the social fun for the ease of a computer.  We ask you why not have both?  With the help of Ethernet cable splitters, you can create additional ports for your friends to use to connect to your network.  Additionally, with a wired connection, you don’t have to worry about a wireless signal fizzling out right as you’re about to make your first round pick.

Good luck with your draft and let us know who your sleeper picks are in the comments section.

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