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Archive for July, 2010

Go for the Home Theater

Jul 23, 2010

We know how appealing it is for anyone to own a home theater system.  The thought of having that big screen high definition television screen hooked up to that surround sound stereo system is almost too much to handle.

That all being said, however, there are still a lot of people who haven’t taken the plunge into home theater bliss.  We know that a home theater can be a financial investment, which might make people shy away, but we maintain that there are a number of under-appreciated benefits that come along with owning a home theater system.

1) Your Terms:  It’s your theater, so you get to decide whats playing.  Tired of wanting to watch a movie only to find that there is nothing on that you’d enjoy?  Now you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want.
2) Privacy:  Do your children want to watch a movie, but you don’t really feel like sitting in a theater of kids?  Now you can let your kids watch whatever movies they’d like without having to deal with legions of little monsters making your day miserable.
3) Versatility:  A movie ticket can cost upwards of twelve dollars depending on where you live and what time you go.  What does that get you?  The ability to see the movie.  With your own home theater you can pause the film for a bathroom break, change the movie if you don’t like the one your watching, not have to pay for overpriced snacks, and also use the big screen to play video games.

These are just some of the many benefits that come with owning your own home theater.  While setting up your system, if you find you need any HDMI cables or other cables that are needed for electronics, make sure you visit  Enjoy!

The Dangers of Wireless Connections

Jul 16, 2010

At, we understand the appeal of wireless connections– Being able to have the freedom to connect to the web from anywhere in your home or office.  But we still think that as nice as the freedom is, it still isn’t worth the risk of a bad signal if you rely upon the internet for your daily activities.

For example:  Let’s say that you are a team supervisor at your company and you are set to make a big presentation.  You’ve brought your laptop so that you can hook it up to the project and show everyone in the meeting your Power Point.  You go to connect to the internet to get the Power Point off of your email, but there is no signal.  What do you do?

Or maybe you are a college student.  You have a major paper due today and you realize that your printer is out of ink.  (Which if you have read our earlier post about having Printer Ink on hand, you would not have to worry about.)  You plan on emailing yourself the file, grabbing your laptop, and running to the computer lab to print.  But when you get there, you find that there is interference and you can’t access the printing network.  What do you do?

Unexpected wireless signal losses can be devastating.  Therefore, you should always have a network that is connected by cables that you can rely on.  Cables don’t drop signals or experience interference.  You can find every type of cable you need to create such a network at

Component Cable Coupler

Jul 9, 2010

Are you in the process of setting up an elaborate home entertainment system in your living room?  When we say home entertainment system, we mean are you going all out?  Are you planning on a big screen HD TV, Blue Ray disc player, surround sound speakers, TiVo, X-Box 360, Play Station 3, Wii, and Stereo?  That’s right, the best home entertainment system every assembled by man!

If this is a project you are undertaking, you probably already know that you need a heck of a lot of cables to get everything connected.  Also with a system like this  you may need to strategically position all of the different devices to ensure that you can enjoy them all properly.

But what if you run into the situation where you have a component cable that doesn’t quite reach the TV?  Your electronic device won’t be doing much for you if its not connected to a television.  With the help of our 3 RCA Female to RCA Female RGB Coupler, you don’t have to worry about your component cables not reaching.  All you need to do is plug in your cables to one end, purchase an extenesion component cable, plug that into the other end of the coupler, then your cable will be long enough to reach the TV.  Your home entertainment system is now all set to go.  Enjoy!

Ink Cartridges Can Be A Life Saver

Jul 6, 2010

We know that every so often we remind you about getting your HP Inkjet cartridges.  After all, if you don’t have ink, you can’t print!  But we aren’t trying to remind you just to ring up a few extra sales, we really are trying to help you out.

We have heard countless horror stories of people who forgot to stock up on printer ink.  These are the kind of people who have stayed up all night to work on their school paper only to find that the printer is out of ink right before they need to leave for class.  These are also the kind of people who have spent all week preparing for a presentation and right before the big meeting, the find that they have no ink.

Don’t put yourself in this position.  Make sure to always have a few extra HP Inkjet cartridges in your home or in your office so that you don’t have a heart attack when you see that “out of ink” message pop up on your screen.