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Help Your Computer Beat the Heat!

May 28, 2010

Summer is upon us, and we’re all thinking of ways to keep ourselves cool as the mercury rises.  While we’re turning on our air conditioners and jumping in our pools, we need to remember that our computers are feeling the heat, too!  After all, our computers are made up of dozens of components that work together to ensure that the system runs properly.  Oftentimes, these components are placed in the system in such a way that there is hardly any space between them.  When we leave our computers running for hours at a time, the components have a constant stream of electricity that runs through them.  And that can get hot!

Too much heat can cause your system to shut down, so you need to do something to keep those components cool.  That’s why has a huge selection of computer cooling items.  The goal here is to keep your computer running at its best.  You don’t want to wait until your computer breaks down before you do something about it.  Some people tend to stay away from cooling fans because they figure, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  The problem with that thinking, of course, is that you’re really putting your computer’s health on the line if you don’t take care of it.  Installing a computer cooling system can substantially reduce maintenance costs in the long run by ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Secure Your Cables

May 21, 2010

At, we know how many cables it can take to get your network up and running.  Even though it can take a long time to get everything where you need it to be, make sure you take some extra time to actually secure all of your computer cables.  When you are finished setting everything up, it may be tempting to just let the cables lay on the floor, or to tuck them behind your desk.  But it will be worth your while to make sure that everything is secure.

If you leave your computer cables exposed or unsecured, there is a chance that they will become damaged.  Children or pets can easily trip over your cables and even dislodge them from the back of your computer.  Not only is this a danger to your computer, but it can be a hazard to those walking over the cable.  Unsecured cables can also be an inconvenience for you when you are trying to vacuum or perform other household tasks.  Additionally, cables randomly running through your house may leave a bad impression upon any guests that you bring into your home.

So make sure to get those cables secured and out of sight.  It will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

Keep Your Equipment Safe This Summer

May 14, 2010

For most people the summer is a time of rest and relaxation. Most people love to be in the warm weather and enjoy the summer breeze. But for computers and electrical equipment, the summer can provide some unforeseen dangers.

Warmer weather typically means that every so often a storm can form out of nowhere. Since we like to feel the warm summer breeze, there are times when we will keep our windows open. If you leave your windows open and a storm should hit, then rain water can seep into your home. This can be extremely bad for any sort of equipment that runs on electricity.

So we advise you to always be aware of your open windows if they are by expensive electrical equipment. If you are going to leave your home, make sure to close the window in case a storm should arrive. If you are home and you notice the skies getting cloudy, or you hear the distant rumble of thunder, make sure to double check all of your windows. You don’t want to have to replace expensive electrical gear just because of a little fall of rain.

New Product: Display Port

May 10, 2010

Are you looking to increase the ability for your computer or television to display higher quality digital images?  Are you praying that there is a cable that can act as a complement for HDMI from your computer to your high definition flat screen television?

Your prayers have been answered with the new DisplayPort cables at

These cables offer a host of benefits:

  1. The DisplayPort cable will bring the intensity of the theater experience right to your home entertainment system.  These cables allow for over 24 bit color-depth and 8 channels of digital audio. Now you can connect your computer with your home entertainment system for remarkable picture and sound.
  2. These cables can also transmit data at speeds up to 10.8 Gbps and allow for 2560 x 1600 resolution.
  3. The DisplayPort cables use dense braid shielding, so it reduces the amount of electromagnetic interference, which means you will have clearer picture and sound.

These are just some of the many benefits of these new cables.  There are many varieties of the DisplayPort cables, so make sure to see what we have available at

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