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Archive for March, 2010

Experiencing Interference?

Mar 26, 2010

Do you have a wireless network in your home or office? Do you sometimes find that it runs slowly, or not at all?

The problem could be interference.

Most wireless networks operate at a 2.4ghz frequency. Although this is a sufficient frequency for your wireless internet needs, it is also the same frequency that most cell phones, Blue Tooth devices, and other wireless devices utilize. If you are in an area where there could be a lot of wireless traffic, you could find that your connection will be slowed.

To combat this, developers have started to use a 5ghz frequency, that would be used exclusively for wireless internet connections. There would be no interference from other wireless devices. However, because the 5ghz frequency is so new and specific, it is difficult to find, and most internet providers are still cautious to upgrade.

Therefore, it is always important to remember that when using a normal wired connection to the internet, that you do not have to worry about other types of interference. The connection is secured through the cable and is sure to give you a fast and clean internet experience. You can find everything you need, in terms of internet and computer cables, at

Need Component Cables?

Mar 19, 2010

Do you have an entertainment or gaming system that requires component cables?  Did you lose yours?  Did the dog chew through it?  Do you need some extra cords so that you can connect your TV, DVD player, sound system, projector, and your X-box 360 all in one convenient spot?

If you dog chewed through your cable don’t think you have to go out and buy a brand new system just because one cable is ruined.  If you need some extra cables, don’t risk damaging the one you have by splicing it in a million different directions.

Just stop by  We have all kinds of cables, adapters, converters, and testers for all of your home entertainment.  But most importantly we have a large selection of component cables.  Our component cables come in various lengths, colors, and most orders are shipped the same day.

So make sure to check out the entire selection at for all of your electronic cables needs.  Your sure to find the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.

Can’t Reach Your USB Port?

Mar 12, 2010

Do you have a USB stick, iPod, cell phone charger, or video camera adapter that requires you have a free USB slot on your computer?  Do you have a hard time getting to those slots?

On older model computers, sometimes these USB ports are only located in the back of a tower unit.  Or perhaps you have a lot of accessories that you need to have in USB ports at the same time.  Maybe you have a presentation room in your office and the computer is underneath a large conference desk.

It is a major inconvenience to have to pull out a tower unit, or to climb under a desk, to find an available USB port.  At, we have something that can help.

The item that can help you easily access your USB ports, is a USB cable. These cables are essentially extensions for your USB port.  You plug one end into your computer, then run the rest of the cable to a spot that is convenient for you to plug in your USB stick.  No more reaching, pulling, or climbing to find that hidden USB slot.  These cables come in various lengths as well, to specially suit your situation.

Supercomputer Keeps Cool with water

Mar 5, 2010

Its important to keep your computer system cool. This will help extend the life of your computer by preventing overheating. It will also allow your computer to work more efficiently.

At, we have a number or PC cooling systems that can help keep your computer at the right temperature. Most cooling devices are simply fans that expel the hot air.

However, scientists have recently created a supercomputer that is so immense, in terms of computing function, not size, that it requires a unique cooling system.

This supercomputer, known as the High Performance Computing (HPC) Centre, has been constructed to help monitor, research and evaluate climate change, find new energy sources, and mapping biological systems. With the capability of processing 29 teraflops, which equates to a trillion mathematical processes per second, this computer is extremely impressive.

The cooling device for the HPC requires an intricate system of small pipes that carry cool water throughout the computer. With the computer cooled it can operate and calculate more efficiently. You can view the whole story here.

Aren’t you glad that for you home computer all you need is a little fan?

Super Deals!

Mar 1, 2010

At Triangle Cables, we know that the name of the game is price. In a time where the economy is struggling and jobs are hard to come by, proper pricing is extremely important.

You will always be able to find affordable and reasonable prices at Triangle Cables. But to help you out even more, we have started having daily and weekly “Super Deals.” These deals are designed to offer quality products at the best prices. The amount of money we cut off the original price tag might actually shock you.

We are constantly changing which products are benefiting from a super deal, so you want to make sure that you keep checking back. No item in our store is safe from a price cut. You never know when the item you have been looking for may be available at half the original price. Why not keep some of your hard earned money in your pocket? Always check for the latest deal on cables, inkjet cartridges, and more at Triangle Cables.

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