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Hey College Students : Don’t Forget the Ink!

Feb 26, 2010

Midterms are in full swing for many colleges right now and you know what that means: there’s a whole lot of paper writing going on right now. But amidst all of the testing and typing, there’s a glimmer of hope: Spring Break. With vacations and time off right around the corner, who wouldn’t forget about restocking their printer ink supply?

Now’s the time to make sure that you’re ready to go once you come back from break by stocking up on some of the HP Inkjet Cartridges from We carry all of the different styles you need to fit your HP printer at savings that can work for any student. Just check to see what size you need and order now. There’s no waiting in line at the bookstore and no paying tons of markup because there’s only one store near campus that sells the right kind of cartridge. At, you always save big on HP inkjet cartridges.

Order yours today and make sure that you’re stocked up on all of the ink you need to finish out the semester.

Don’t Rip Out All Your Wires!

Feb 18, 2010

Setting up a network for your home can be tricky.  But usually you’re only talking about two or three computers.  Can you imagine trying to set up a network at a business where there are over two hundred employees and every single one of them needs a computer?

The number of cables, modems, routers, and security that you need to pull of an elaborate network like this is exponential.  Can you imagine if something happened to just one of those cables and you needed to figure out which one it was?

Before you panic, or go crazy, and rip all the cables out of the wall in frustration, we may be able to help.  At, we have an item that could easily solve this problem.

The tool that you need is called a Network Tester.  These handy tools allow you to plug in a number of Ethernet cables into one unit.  Once you’ve plug them in, the network tester will allow you to test the strength of the signal, how well the cable is shielded, and how well the cable is adhering to conventional wiring standards.

With models available in home, business, and advanced models, a Network Tester can be a valuable, money saving tool for you and your business.

Long Cable Woes?

Feb 12, 2010

As we move forward into an increasingly wireless age, some people might start to question the need for cables.  Although wireless systems allow for more flexibility, they do have some drawbacks.

A wireless system depends on a wireless signal.  A modem will transmit this signal through a router to any available receiver, such as a laptop or gaming system.  Wireless routers are becoming more powerful, but they will always be met with restrictions.  There is only a certain distance for which the router can broadcast its signal.  Likewise, as a wireless signal encounters resistance like walls or floors, the signal will get weaker.  Also, certain weather conditions can effect the strength of your signal.  Wireless systems can also be more expensive.

The benefit to using cables comes in the fact that they will always maintain your signal.  Obstacles such as poor weather conditions or interior walls will not weaken the signal that is being transmitted through the cable.  The only drawback to a cable is the potential distance from router to its destination.

Say you just bought a brand new 52” LCD Flat Screen HD Television set.  You’ve decided to put it upstairs in the family room.  However, your computer is located downstairs in the office.  You need to have a connection to the internet for the game system you’ve hooked up to the new TV.  You’re afraid the wireless signal will cut out over such a distance, but you don’t know if you can find a cable that is long enough.  Even if you can you don’t know if you want a wire hanging through your house.  What do you do?

At, we got you covered.  Our cables can reach up to 200 feet in length.  Although that might seem like a lot, it is extremely easy to run a cable through your house.

Through the use of a staple gun, or plastic “zip ties,” which can be found in any hardware store, a wire can be kept safely out of sight.  Just in case a cable can’t be easily hidden, we offer a variety of colored cables that may easy fit in with the color themes of your home décor.

Check out the wide selection of length and colors, located at

Unique Items at Great Prices

Feb 4, 2010

Don’t have a lot of extra money to spend?  Looking for some specific items that slightly out of date and hard to find?  Need a cable that can connect two different types of hardware?  Make sure that you take a look at Closeout page.

The closeout section contains a lot of unique merchandise that is somewhat harder to find as technology continues to advance.  In this section, you can find infrared drives, barcode scanners, RCA stereo cables, laptop CD-ROM to PC IDE adapter kits, CD ROM audio cables, and a host of other unique items.

The greatest thing about items on the closeout page is their price.  Some items have been reduced by more than half of the original listing price.  Not only can you save some money, but you can also obtain greater quantities.

Make sure to constantly check back to the closeout page for new and unique items that are always at great prices.

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