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Aug 27, 2010

We at know that when it comes to the technical terms and descriptions of many of the products that we carry in our inventory, it can get confusing.  For people who don’t make their living off of repairing, programming, or designing computers and computer equipment, the vast amount of products out there can make your head spin.  It may seem difficult to isolate which Ethernet cable or HP ink cartridge you actually need when it comes to getting a replacement part. has created a separate page on our site to help sort out all of the technical information or to help give better descriptions of what our products actually can do.  These resources can be found on our articles and information page and cover a vast amount of items from fiber optic testers, to s video cables, to HDMI cables, to wireless VGA converters, to composite video cables, to a number of other articles.

So if you ever need extra clarification, make sure to check out this page as it may have the answer that you need to help inform your purchase.

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