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Practical Solutions

Tidy You, a Better Year with Triangle Cables and RG-6 Video Cables

Jan 13, 2012

New Year’s Resolutions give us reason to try better and harder. Many customers all write the same things on their lists:RG-6 video cables

-Organize my cables and cords.

-Keep a tidier home and home entertainment center.

We’d love to help make these goals come true, with these simple and easy tips.

-Dust off, clean out, and reorganize cables. Unhook all your electronic boxes, such as the cable, DVD player, music player, satellite box, etc., and give them a thorough cleaning with pressurized air to get deep inside. While unhooked, unravel and unkink any cables that may have gotten twisted over the year as new devices were added.

-Measure and make the right RG-6 video cables selections. You want cables that fit the entertainment system you have, without tangling, wrapping around each other or not quite reaching. Adapters help when you don’t have the length, but are unnecessary when you can get different lengths of video cables that actually meet your needs.

Make your home entertainment system really something to be jealous of – and easy to clean. Get all the right lengths and adapters for your RG-6 video cables and more at – your place for New Year’s Resolutions solutions.

Ring, Ring, Santa’s Calling! Can you Hear Him Over the Phone Cables?

Dec 15, 2011

“Santa’s watching!” That’s just one of the many warnings that parents give to their children during the holidays. It’s a great way to encourage good behavior for at least a few months of the year. Sometimes they children ask many questions like, “How is Santa watching?” “Where is he watching from?” “How will we know if Santa saw us?”phone cables

There’s a few ways to give your kids easy answers, such as a few additional tricks! Rather than the usual vague magic answers, has some technology backed ideas that can’t be questioned!

  • Go online and write a email to Santa. In the letter, ask for everything one the Christmas list, and remember to ask the most important question, “Have I been a good boy or girl?”
  • Set up a special call from Santa. When Santa calls over the phone cables that everyone else uses, it proves his existence. To pull this one off, schedule a time with a family friend who can do a good Santa impression, the laugh is a must! Have “Santa” mention certain details that means he’s been watching, like the broccoli your child didn’t want to eat or clean up after playing. This way your child knows that Santa is always a phone call away!

Christmas is all about the magic, but phone cables can solidify and back up your Santa stories!

Mix Tapes for the Modern Age: How to Transfer Audio and other Large Files

Nov 10, 2011

Back in the day, wanted to make your own playlist or just liked a song you would make a mix tape. With just the click of two buttons you could record any song – so simple! Now there are so many ways to share music – how can you be sure that you’re doing it the right or easy way? When it comes to transferring large amounts of files – music, photos, video – just follow these simple steps.

First, get a 5 pin mini USB cable – it’s one of the simpler ways to transfer your files off of a camera, phone or external card reader when you don’t have a memory card. It uses a USB port – practically universal – so you can move the files off of the device and onto your computer.
5 pin mini USB cable
Next, take a look at those files. Do you need all of them? Delete the ones that aren’t necessary. Now, compress the files to make them easier to send. On a PC it will say “Send to Compressed (zipped) folder” on a Mac it will say to “Compress” – both create a zip folder.

Then figure out how to send these files. Your options include:

  • Flash drive
  • Email
  • File Transfer Site
  • Cloud Sharing
  • CD

Just upload the zipped file to one of these services, email it or copy it onto a flash drive to send to someone else. A burned CD is a great option when you need a permanent copy – like a music playlist for the car! If you’re putting the music on a CD, you don’t need to zip the files. You can just transfer the files over! What’s stopping you? Get those videos off of your camera and make a CD playlist of all your favorite moments!

How to Remember to Keep Printer Ink in Stock

Sep 23, 2011

Running out of printer ink can be disastrous especially for businesses. It is crucial that everything is in stock so that it does not interrupt your daily operations which can result in a possible loss of revenue.printer ink

Here are some ways to help you remember to keep your printer ink in stock:

  •    -   Figure out how long the ink normally lasts, whether it happens every two weeks, every month, etc.
  •    -   Assign calendar reminders in your email to help remind you when it?s time to order more ink. (Make sure it is an email account you use regularly and pick a date in advance to order the ink so that you are not paying for express shipping or waiting on ink to arrive)
  •    -   Set a reminder on your phone so no matter where you go you know its ink ordering day!
  •    -   If your company goes through ink in a short period of time then order ink by bulk so you do not have to re-order it so often. (This saves you money!)
  •    -   Assign a post it note on your computer. (Windows 7 offers post it notes for your computer screen.)
  •    -   Use a real post it note and put it somewhere that you will always see it. Put it:
    •    -   On a fridge
    •    -   On your computer monitor
    •    -   On your phone
  •    -   Mark it on your calendar at your desk or wherever you keep a paper calendar.

With these helpful tips remember to order printer ink in advance, your business will continue to run smoothly and you?ll be able to avoid any stress that may come with forgetting!

Tidy Up Office Connections

Aug 19, 2011

You wouldn’t bring a client or customer into an office with cups on the floor – shouldn’t the same go for cables all over the floor?wall plate

Office connections don’t have to be a mess. A professional looking office is thoroughly clean and modern. All cables and tools that aren’t activity used, and some that are, should be discreetly hidden. As you move to make the office more functional, adding presentation displays and adding internet routers to devices, the cable will grow. You can tidy up all these spare cables using using cable adapters run through wall plates.

Just pop in the right insert into a keystone wall plate and label any adapters that may get mixed up!

- Run Ethernet cables through the walls and bridge that connection with a Cat 5E 110 punch down insert.

- Make accessing the HDMI connections even easier by running adapters and extension cables out to a wall plate and using a HDMI keystone coupler insert.

Keep your cables in the walls and under the floors so they’re out of sight and out of mind – accessible only when you need them!

Next time you give an audio/visual display, just access the nearest wall plate to hook into the internet or local server. It’s all about perception and presentation!

Home Entertainment Worthy of Family Fun Month

Aug 5, 2011

home theatre set upHave you gotten to work on your amazing home entertainment system yet?

That’s right, we’re calling you out. It’s Family Fun Month and it’s time to finally deliver on that amazing home entertainment center you’ve been promising not just yourself – but the entire family.

To get you started, we’ve listed some of the ‘must haves’ that every home entertainment system needs:

- Completely furnished room, with comfortable seating for movie marathons.
- Full screen television placed at a moderate distance from the seats, so your eyes aren’t strained.
- Surround sound system with all the right audio and stereo cables.
- Coffee and side tables at the right height to reach while seated.
- Popcorn bowls so you have a movie-style snacking experience!
- Black out curtains or shades to keep the glare off of the screen.

Of course there can be things in your way, like needing to extend the reach of your cables. That’s why there are HDMI extenders and adapters available at, to help sort out and fix any of your additional wiring issues or give you the reach you want. Make your entertainment system complete with all the fixings and trimmings to celebrate Family Fun Month off right!

Ethernet Cable Color Feng Shui

Jul 29, 2011

ethernet cableFind inner peace and computer calm when you pick the right color Ethernet cable for your home or office set up. While your computer often comes with a generic grey or white cable, that’s no reason you can’t improve and brighten your workspace with a colorful cable instead.

Pick out a new Ethernet cable from and then use it as inspiration to improve several other small things in your workspace.

Once you’ve picked out a new cable, find new colorful office tools to match!

  • – Mouse
  • – Wrist support pad
  • – Stress ball
  • – Picture frame
  • - Flower vase (Fresh flowers also brighten the day!)

Find just one bright color and use it in several areas of your workspace to really brighten your day. Warm colors like red, orange and yellow will stimulate you, while cooler hues like green, blue, and purple will be more calming.

How do you make your workspace surroundings contribute to your inner peace?

Reinvent Your Work Space – Be More Productive!

Jul 27, 2011

Get more done and get it all done faster! We all want to be more productive when we work, and it's no surprise that it's easier to work harder when there are fewer distractions. Create a cleaner, more organized and less distracted workspace where you'll be able to get more done!

comfortable workspace
Make your workspace more work-friendly by:

  • -  Turning your desk to face away from distractions. You may need to turn away from the window with high traffic or turn from the calendar with reminders of things that aren't a priority now.
  • -  Bring all your important tools to you. Using computer cables, rearrange the work area so your printer and scanner are within reach – rather than down the hall.
  • -  Move all the light switches and hand lamps within reach. This way you won't keep thinking about the effort and wasted time of going across the room to hit the light, you'll be able to just click it.

Get your computer cables and power cables here at, to start your office renovations. More productivity can be yours with some simple rearrangements. How do you plan on being more productive this fall?

Respect! 3 Ways to Celebrate National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Jul 8, 2011

watch movies at homeHere at, we observe National Cell Phone Courtesy Month practically year ‘round. For others, it’s harder. The more you use your cell phone, the more complacent you get. We understand, but we hope that for the month of July you’ll try to be more courteous, and encourage others to do the same.

Here’s three ways you can encourage respectful phone use this July:

  1. Shush Others. All year long, you’re looking for the perfectly polite way to tell someone to be quieter on the phone. Now you have the perfect excuse! Just tap the person on the shoulder and inform that it is ‘National Cell Phone Courtesy Month.
  2. Respect Energy. Part of being courteous is using energy efficiently. All cell phone chargers will use energy even when not connected to the phone. Your other power cables may also be using energy as well – so unplug them when not in use, too!
  3. Watch a Movie at Home. If you’re always fielding calls – and texts! – then try catching a movie at home instead of the theater. This way no one will be bothered by your cell phone, and you won’t have to feel guilty about ignoring calls for 120 minutes.

How else do you plan to be courteous on your cell phone for National Cell Phone Courtesy Month?

4 Solutions for Your USB Missed Connections: Part 2

Jun 13, 2011

Still having issues with your USB drivers? Last week we started to talk about ways to fix your USB issues. This week we’re giving you two more ways to get your USB connection back up to speed.

  • Check that the driver software is updated. Usually the computer will automatically update all of your software or prompt you to do so, but sometimes – we don’t know why – it doesn’t happen. You can go into your computer settings to find drivers and programs, and update from there. Or go to the driver manufacturer’s website for the most recent version of the software.
  • Sometimes a USB port will quit on your computer. You can get a USB cable adapter to provide access to other hard to reach USB ports. Some may exist on the back of your computer tower.

Check out the great selection of USB cables and adapters from for reliable connections from your USB powered devices and USB drivers.

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