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Don’t Forget your Cables this Holiday Season

Dec 11, 2012

This is the time of year when most people make their home entertainment and business purchases. Whether you’re looking for a new Surround Sound system as a Christmas gift, a new big screen TV for your Superbowl party, or a new multifunction printer for your home office, remember to upgrade your cables. Many consumer electronics do not have cables in the box with them and those that do often have very low quality cables. That’s why Triangle Cables offers quality cables to connect any of your home electronics.

When it comes to home audio equipment, the back panel of a surround sound system can look like something out of NASA’s mission control. There are so many different connections it can be difficult to discern what cable goes where. Rest assured Triangle Cables has the correct cables to connect your audio and video sources. From composite video, to component video, to digital coaxial cables, we have it all.

Computer peripherals often do not ship with the cables needed to connect them to the computer. If you are buying a printer, scanner, or monitor this Holidayseason, be sure to check what cable it requires. That way you can ensure you have the correct cable on hand when the gift arrives. Nothing is more frustrating than giving a gift that can’t be used until something else is purchased, so don’t let your family down. Be prepared with the proper cables thisHoliday season.

Extend your HDMI reach with an HDMI over LAN Kit

Nov 26, 2012

HDMI over LAN extenderHDMI cables come with a built-in limitation on length. If you exceed the length for HDMI compliance, you’ll get significant distortion or even lose the signal altogether. The HDMI extender was designed to overcome this problem. Several types are available, including a wireless extender and cat 5e Ethernet extender.

How Does the Extender Work?
With an HDMI over LAN kit, you’ll receive a receiver and transmitter capable of pushing an HDMI signal to a maximum of 400 meters. An HDMI cable carries the signal to the transmitter. A category 5e cable carries this signal to one or more receivers, which then convert the signal for delivery to the viewing device(s). The range of a dedicated network compares favorably to wireless ranges, which can’t exceed 200 feet.

Of course, a signal booster can carry wireless HDMI signals even further, but you’ll get nowhere near the distance of a HDMI over LAN kit couple with an Ethernet hub. The hub makes it possible to run audio and 1080p to a maximum of just under 800 meters. Most users won’t need this kind of length, but some situations demand it. Airports, call centers, hospitals and other applications benefit from an HDMI extender.

Network Tool Kits are Convenient for Installs and Upgrades

Nov 12, 2012

Networking Tool KitWhether you’re on the installation end of a digital network or performing basic maintenance, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having the right network tool kit. Some tasks are nearly impossible without the right tool for the job, such as repair of patch panel connections and loose plugs. Other tasks, like wire stripping, are made time consuming without the right tool. Network tool kits offer all the right tools for the job.

Range of Options
Tool kits come in different types based on the intended use. A professional kit of networking tools, for instance, typically includes a LAN tester, punch-down blade and impact tool, and a modular plug ratcheting crimping tool. Kits for voice and data network maintenance include a tone probe and generator, set of hex key wrenches and a network cable tester. You might also choose a simple termination kit, multi-network installation or digital SMARTprobe kit.

Kit Benefits
Network Tool Kits from are extremely beneficial. They collect all the primary tools for network specialists in one case that is easy to transport. Collecting networking tools one at a time can get expensive and you may find yourself without a necessary tool at exactly the wrong moment. Choose the appropriate network tool kit for convenience and savings.

Keep your Electronics Safe with a Surge Protector

Oct 25, 2012

Electronics are an investment. People spend a great deal of time and money setting up offices or entertainment centers in their homes. What assurance do they have that their electronics won’t be damaged or destroyed by the very power they need to function? Few people consider the power source of their electronics to be a threat, but in many cases it can be. That’s why we recommend using a surge protector to keep your electronics safe.

The power in our homes is anything but perfect. It is subject to surges, spikes, dips, and drop offs. These variable power levels can be caused within our homes by other appliances or electronics within the circuit, or from outside of our homes due to storms or utility work. Whatever the case may be these inconsistencies must be safely treated with a surge protector to ensure your electronics are not damaged.

A surge protector can come in the form of a wall plate, a power strip, or a single plug through module. Some surge protectors also offer protection for incoming telephone and coaxial cable lines. No matter what form the surge protector takes, the function is always the same. By acting as an intermediary between the incoming power and your devices, it keeps voltage at a safe level. If your home ever experiences a serious power surge it will harm the surge protector while leaving your connected electronics safe. That’s an inexpensive way to ensure the life of your electronic investments.

Cables, Monitors & Other TV Tailgating Must Have’s

Sep 21, 2012

Hut, hut! Its football season – are you ready to trick out the tailgating trunk? Whether you need RCA cables, external power cords, or RCA audio cables for surround sound, has you covered. Here’s a few basic set ups we’ve been told are winners.

power strips and extenders

Looking for power?


Use what you have – a generator – to power your television, dish and surround sound system. If there’s a common power source, use an extra long power extender to get more reach and a strip protector so it doesn’t overload. Mount the monitor on a tripod for all to see.


Keep it Simple!

Go old school with a battery, a television monitor and pair of rabbit ears to pick up the local stations. Nothing beats a classic!


Sling the signal!

Tailgaters have been calling in the defense, Slingbox, to bring the live signal from home to a monitor, TV or tablet on the road so a single call is never missed. You can even keep the HD signal.


Just remember to:

  • Test your set up before game day so there’s no fumbling at the tailgate.
  • Have a backup plan for power. We all need a little assist!
  • A lighter power adapter will most likely not sustain power throughout an entire game.
  • Pack up on provisions! It’s a party!

How to Diagnose an Internal Jack Problem

Aug 20, 2012

Diagnosing an internal phone problem is not easy, but there is a method for isolating damaged equipment. 

phone line splitter

Most problems can be fixed on your own with significant savings, but first you must determine whether the problem is in fact yours to fix. Take a working phone to the phone line jack located in the company’s gray box outside the structure. If it doesn’t work, contact the phone company for repairs on their end.

If it does work, it’s time to isolate the problem to a specific jack, phone line splitter, or phone cables. Is every phone out of service? If so, this suggests a problem in the wiring. If only one phone is effected, try a different one in the outlet. If this works, the problem is with the phone, and the phone cable is likely to blame.

If the problem is specific to the jack, remove the phone line splitter or other equipment to isolate only the jack. Damage is far more likely with splitters and exposed wiring. Hidden wiring is difficult to replace without help. If you can’t identify the problem, and the phone attached to the phone line jack works, it is necessary to contact a professional.


How to Connect a Laptop to Your TV or Large Screen Monitor

Jul 27, 2012

Tying your shoes, boiling an egg, and connecting your device to your TV? It really is the simplest things in life that are the most valuable to know. That’s why we’re breaking down the many devices you may want to connect to your big screen TV for you, or a friend to easily follow. This week, let’s connect a laptop!

hdmi adapters for TV and laptops

Cables to Connect Computer Laptops to TV

Most of your laptops will have an HDMI output, which can handle both audio and video. If you’re connecting to a new TV, it should also have an HDMI input, which means you only need the one HDMI cable to provide your connection. If not, see if there is an adapter that can provide an HDMI end, so you don’t need a second cable for your audio connection as well.

  • Apple Outputs – Those with an Apple device will likely need a display port adapter, which will allow it to connect to an HDMI cable.
  • Working with an older model TV? – You may need a RCA or HMDI to DVI adapter to connect. But trust us, HDMI is the way to go.

Getting it Just Right

Once you have chosen the correct cable for both audio and video, and connected the devices, you will have to select your input. Some monitors will pick it up automatically, others you will have to change your Source, Input, or Channel until you have chosen this new device. On your computer, you can go into your display settings, found in the Control Panel, to then mirror what is seen on your computer. You can also choose to extend your laptop display onto the TV, making it an added space. 

Road Trip Tips: Cables You Need to Keep in the Trunk

Jul 18, 2012

Jumper cables? Check. Of course you have those, but do you have audio cables, power cables, and all the rest? Summer is the time for road trips, holiday getaways, and cabin weekend trips. Whether you want to cut off from the world on vacation or plan to enjoy the amenities (but hopefully not plan on working from home!) it’s easy to forget an essential.

power adapter - power strip - triangle cables

For the road:

Adapters and car chargers. If you’re using a cigarette lighter adapter for the car, you can use any cable with a USB end to charge your cell phone or camera. USB converters can help connect other devices that didn’t come with a standard USB type cable for charging. Make sure everyone in the car has their own headphones to enjoy for a really long trip! Also, remember a doc to rest your iPod, cell phone, or other in use items so they’re safely tethered.

For the vacation home:

Cables are inexpensive, so rather than risk leaving behind a pair and needing to pack extra, get chargers just for the vacation home. That means power strips as well. You should also stock up on standard appliances. Rather than permanently place any cable lines, use a removable tape like gaffer’s tape to bind cables and keep them out of the way.

For overseas:

If you’re a frequent flyer, you already know, but first time travelers will need to stock up on adapters and chargers for overseas outlets. Remember spare batteries for any devices you can’t get a new charger for.


Where do you plan to go this summer? Are you bringing Triangle Cables with you?

Audio Cables and Gifts for Father In Laws

Jul 13, 2012

Your father-in-law made an enormous contribution to your life in raising your spouse, and he likely helps out in other ways as well. Several occasions present the opportunity to show appreciation for his many contributions, including your wedding and Father-in-Law Day recognized on July 30th. Buying gifts for men is easy, if you focus on a few facts.

hdmi cables

Getting to know your father-in-law begins with asking your spouse for help. Engaging dad in conversation is a lot easier with some basic information and alone time. Find out what he already has, and use this to understand what he needs. Take the time to research purchases and include side-items, such as an AC power cord, battery charger, external power extender, and so on.

Most men are interested in electronics, for instance, much more so than clothing. If dad enjoys running or other forms of exercise, researching new athletic electronics that interface with the computer may be worthwhile. If dad prefers plug-in tools over battery-operated ones, a high-quality AC power cord is a great multi-purpose gift.

For upgrades or additions, don’t forget necessary accessories. Including that signal converter or external power extender will let dad know you put thought into the gift.


Our Favorite Summer Projects: Den/Living Room Improvements

Jun 22, 2012


Summer is the time for making everything better at the home. It’s the perfect time to remodel a room, repaint and leave the windows wide open. This summer we plan to go over simple renovations and improvements for every room of the house, how to get the right cables for the job and make a quick fix when necessary. This week we’re focusing on the home office area.

TriangleCables - organized computer room.jpgRedoing the Computer Room

Tired of staring at a screen all day? Brighten the room with a lighter color carpet and walls, so things aren’t so gloomy. Rearrange the room so when sitting at a computer, you face a window. This way you still have a connection to the outdoors.

Get organized. It doesn’t cost a lot to go through the old filing and storage cabinets and make space for what’s actually needed. Make sure that all of your labels are accurate and up to date. Don’t throw additional items into a drawer if they don’t belong there. Invest in new storage racks, such as

Set up the technology first aid kit. Running to the store for a new router or speakers is silly when you could get the right items from the start and quickly assess the situation and identify the problem. Make sure you have additional Ethernet cables on hand, cable tester to identify the problem and crimpers and tools to fix the problem.

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