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Connect Up To 4 Computers to a Single Device with a USB Auto Sharing Switch

May 31, 2013

USB auto sharing switchWouldn’t life be easier if you didn’t have to keep unplugging a USB device so you could hook it up to another computer? The USB Auto Sharing Switch is the solution for your multi-computer USB problems. Available in either 2 port or 4 port models, the USB sharing switch allows for up to four computers to share the same USB 2.0 device without you having to re-connect any cables.

The USB Auto Sharing Switch is compatible with PCs, Macs, and Linux-based computers and comes equipped with all the software and cables you need to set up the unit. An LED light monitors each port’s status and you can easily toggle between devices by hotkey, mouse, or push button controls.

Now, you can share the information on an external drive with your co-workers, or use one scanner for all of the computers in the office. Your family can all share one printer or one camera without having to fumble with cables. Just have each family member plug their laptop or computer into the auto sharing switch and they’re ready to go.

Stop fumbling with cables and searching for USB ports and start enjoying your computing experience with the USB Auto Sharing Switch.

In Wall RCA Cable Extender Makes Your Space Professional

May 24, 2013

RCA in wall extenderWhether it’s at home, school, or the office, you know the feeling of not having long enough RCA cables. You end up fumbling with the electrical devices in front of your audience and generally looking unprepared. Extension cables might help somewhat, but they are unsightly for long connections and make tripping more likely. If you want to make a professional connection, an In Wall RCA Cable Extender will mask the cables behind your walls, improving the connection quality, usability, and safety of the connections.

In Wall Cable Extenders can extend the reach of your cables more than 300 feet, with CAT5 or CAT6, VGA, or specified audio signals. If you represent a school, university, or education center, this makes both student and educator presentations easier to manage. In Wall extenders are perfect for the office meeting room or a public meeting place or entertainment hall. At home, you can tidy up that mess of spaghetti-like cabling running to your entertainment center.

Forget stretching your cables across walkways, worrying about someone tripping over your dangling wires, and damaging your equipment. Leave your twisted and tangled cables behind and use the professional look and functionality of an In Wall RCA Cable Extender today.

The XLR Microphone Cable: Not Only For Musicians Anymore

May 17, 2013

XLR cableThe XLR Microphone Cable has been a staple of the music industry for many years. But as audio technology continues to become more sophisticated, the XLR cable has become an integral component of a high grade computer system. There’s no doubting that if you’re recording music with your computer or a small studio set-up, that XLR cables can be very beneficial to your efforts. But XLR also has a variety of other uses, and you may be surprised to learn that you should be incorporating XLR into your hobby or profession.

If you’re a filmmaker or video production company struggling with audio quality from your camera’s microphone, it’s time for an upgrade. Professional film and television crews use recording equipment with XLR cables as the standard audio carrier. Investing in XLR cables brings you up to industry standards and dramatically increases the audio quality of your productions. XLR interfaces allow you to transfer your high-quality audio data to your computer system for editing and integration with your existing project.  You can also use XLRs for one of the more recent trends in digital media–podcasting.  For the highest quality recordings, an audio setup with XLR cables is mandatory.

Whatever your audio needs in the digital world, XLR Microphone Cable is still the standard for high-quality recording. So grab that guitar, that microphone, or that camera and start capturing better-sounding memories today.

AV Wall Plates Help Create the Perfect Man Cave

Apr 5, 2013

Mancave TVIf you’re on a quest to build the perfect man cave, entertainment should be your top priority. There is nothing like having the perfect home theatre set up to watch the game with your friends while having a few beers. When it comes to home theatre installation there are many things to keep in mind. One of the most overlooked aspects of many do it yourself home theatre set ups is maintaining a clean professional look.

Just because you’re designing and building your own home entertainment area doesn’t mean it can’t look like a professional job. Taking special care to conceal wires and build in areas to house your audio video components is the difference between a great looking installation and a sloppy one. Simple tools like AV wall plates can transform a messy media area into a home theatre that is sure to impress anyone.

Before you start your home theatre installation you should have a good idea of your layout. You need to know where your audio video components, how they will fit, how long your cables need to be to connect things together, and so on.  Building out from an existing wall to create a void of space to house your components and cables will ensure a clean look. This can also create a dramatic framing element for your high definition television and keep your electronics out of harm’s way.

Using AV wall plates allows you to hide cables behind walls and keep connections close to the components themselves. This means that only short cables are needed to run from the device to the wall plate. It is perfect for wall mounted TVs or satellite speakers that may be far away from the audio system.  

Spring Cleaning your Electronics

Mar 11, 2013

Spring Cleaning electronicsIf you’re like many people out there, you may never think twice about your electronic devices until they stop working properly. It can be incredibly frustrating when a television, DVD player, or home theater system unexpectedly quits. That’s why we recommend periodically examining and cleaning your electronics. This preventative maintenance ensures that broken or damaged parts are identified before they result in a product’s failure.

Spring is a great time of year to clean and spot check electronics. This can easily be handled during your home’s spring cleaning, by taking a little time out to dust and clean electronics while tackling the rest of your spring cleaning chores. With a little know how anyone can learn to spot trouble signs and prolong the life of their electronics.

It’s important to check the AC power cables on your electronics for signs of wear. A frayed or broken power cord could pose a risk to your home as well as your electronic device. When cleaning an electronic device, pay close attention to any type of vent areas. If vent areas are clogged with dust or hair they can cause a device to overheat or prematurely break down.

When it comes to choosing a cleaning product many manufacturers make electronic cleaning sprays that are safe for electronic devices. You can also make your own by mixing equal parts isopropyl rubbing alcohol and water in a spray bottle. Always spray cleaners onto a soft cloth and not directly onto the device.

Do you have electronics cleaning tips of your own? Comment and share them with us!

Choosing an HDTV and Cables for a Porch Installation

Mar 4, 2013

outdoor patio areaWith warmer weather on its way, this is the time of year when people begin tidying up and prepping yards and porches for outdoor fun. For some people getting a back porch ready for the spring and summer seasons involves cleaning, setting up furniture, or even putting screens into porch windows. The new trend over the last year or two has been installing flat panel HDTVs on porches or covered outdoor seating areas.

Not every HDTV is designed for outdoor use. It’s important to consider some key factors when choosing the right TV for the job. Older LCD televisions can be negatively affected by temperature changes or exposure to moisture. Newer LED LCD televisions tend to be more resilient when it comes to porch use. It should be noted that these HDTVs are still susceptible to moisture damage, so installation should be limited to four season porches that offer full coverage from the elements.

Special water resistant HDTVs are also available on the market for installations where serious humidity would otherwise damage a TV. These televisions can be installed on open porches where they are shielded from direct rain but still exposed to ambient outdoor humidity. When paired with a durable HDMI cable an HDMI port saver can help angle your cable for clean wall mounting. This can also keep the cable from breaking down over time due to strain on the plug end.

Replacement AC Power Cords

Jan 18, 2013

AC Power CableCables are often the first thing to go bad on an electronic device. Because cables often move and bend they have a tendency to pull or break on the inside, a signal can no longer transfer through the line. This can be very frustrating and if the bad cable goes undetected it can ultimately lead to electronic devices being thrown away prematurely. That’s why Triangle Cables carries replacement AC power cords!

By replacing the AC power cord of an electronic device you can often fix the problem of what appears to be a broken device that will not power up. These cables are also perfect for buying second hand items that may be missing their original cables, such as computers, stereos or game consoles. Often items that are missing their original cables are discounted, making them a great buy if you can find replacement cables.

In addition to replacement power cords, Triangle Cables also offers power cables extensions and adaptors. These extensions and adaptors are compatible with a variety of electronic devices. So next time you have an electronic device that is not powering up, or is intermittently powering down, check your power cable for signs of wear or damage. A replacement AC power cord may be all you need to get things working again.

Protect your Network from EMI with Shielded Network Cables

Jan 10, 2013

Shielded Cat6 Network CableYou may be asking yourself, “what the heck is EMI and why should I be worried about it?” That’s a good question–and exactly what we will be discussing in today’s blog post! EMI stands for ElectroMagnetic Interference, and it is a major culprit in the loss of audio visual and communications fidelity. Electromagnetic Interference is created either by electromagnetic induction or electromagnetic radiation. In both cases the EMI will have a negative effect on the performance of the circuit. It may cause signal interruption, or introduce static noise to a line. In the case of a television or audio devise this may result in audio visual static. In the case of a home network it may result in a loss of signal speed or strength. That’s why we recommend using shielded network cables for home network installations.

Using a shielded network cable offers protection against EMI. By adding in a thin layer of shielding it prevents the cables from acting like an antenna and drawing in EMI from surrounding devices. This means the signal is preserved and the communication speed is unaffected by any interference. Replacing old network cables with shielded models is a great way to ensure you home network is operating with maximum effectiveness.  Shop today to find Cat6 shielded network cables today!

Detect Hidden Network Problems with a LANtest Network Cable Tester

Dec 19, 2012

LANtest Network Cable Tester Not all network problems are obvious. Sometimes the issues that cause connections to slow down or fail are hard to diagnose. This is because sometimes the culprit is not a computer or a network switch, but the cable that is connecting them. Bad cables can be the cause of network issues just as easily as bad hardware, that’s why it’s important to check cable connection strength with a LANtest Network Cable Tester. This tester allows you to connect category 5, coaxial and modular telephone cables and test their connections.

It’s too easy for a bad cable to go overlooked, especially if you may be working in an environment where there are hundreds or even thousands of cables connecting server racks together. When these cables go bad they can often lead to more serious communication issues. Using a LANtest Network Cable tester is as easy as connecting a cable. Simply connect one end of the cable to the master box and the other end to the remote box and you can instantly find out if a cable is damaged.

These tools are great for any IT department or even for a home network enthusiast. Each LANtest Network Cable Tester is a professional tool that makes maintaining a communications network a breeze. Save time and energy by quickly spotting bad cables and get your network up to speed.

Connect your Laptop to your HDTV with an HDMI Converter

Dec 14, 2012

VGA to HDMI converterAs technology progresses it always seems to outgrow cables and connectors. Modern high definition televisions utilize HDMI connections to carry audio and video signal between components. This can make it difficult to connect older technologies to them such as laptop computers or game consoles. That’s where signal converters such as a VGA to HDMI converter come in handy.

A VGA to HDMI converter, like the one pictured here, allows you to connect an older analog video source, such as a PC to a high definition television. These converter boxes accommodate a VGA signal input for video and a stereo RCA input for audio. On the other side of the HDMI converter there is a single HDMI output that takes the analog audio and video inputs turns them to a digital HDMI signal that can be connected to a modern HDTV.

While the output signal will not be high definition, it will be in a digital format that the HDTV can read. This makes it possible to use a digital television as a display to show a power point presentation, a photo slide show, or anything else you may want to share on a larger display. An HDMI converter is a great utility of a business person who may have an older laptop. It is best to be prepared for any presentation situation even if technologies seem incompatible.

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