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High School Graduation Gifts and Tips: from HMDI Wall Plates to Audio Splitters

May 9, 2012

A big hurrah and congrats to all of the 2012 graduates out there! There’s so much to be proud of, from working hard in classes to all of the hard work that so many graduates are doing after classes as well to expand their high school resume. There are so many classes to prepare a high school graduate for college classes, but few really touch on what’s needed for the college life.

From Ethernet cables to shower caddies, the shopping list for college can seem endless. That’s why we’ve put together a perfect Triangle Cables ‘off to college’ gift list for the grad in your life.

- Spare roll of duck tape and electrical tape for an emergencies that might crop up.

- A long and short length of Ethernet cables. One for the dorm and a spare one is handy for hooking up to the internet in the study hall or library if there’s no wireless.

- Expect your new grads to be printing lots of papers, so load them up with printer ink cartridges.

USB cables are essential to so many devices, a spare USB for charging the cell phone or transferring files for a presentation can be a lifesaver!

Catch us next week as we go over the top tips for college graduates as they move into off campus housing and great ideas for a graduate’s first apartment!

Make Mom’s Day with Complication Free Audio Cables

May 4, 2012

This Mother’s Day if you’re stumped on how to make mom happy, look no further than audio cables. This may sounds like a crazy idea, but Mom will love the easy clean up and easy connecting of new cables in her life.

ethernet cablesGreat color coded cables. Sometimes after you’ve hooked up the electronics it tends to result in a tangled mess. Save Mom the frustration and headaches of finding where each cable connects with the convenience of color coded audio RCA cables – it makes hooking up electronics such a breeze!

Keep it untangled.If you will be doing the connecting of cables or Mom knows her way around the electronics, audio cables are still a great gift. Maybe Mom has to do the cleaning around the cables and electronics. She won’t get frustrated with your ever-growing collection of cables behind the television when she sees them all detangled and organized. When you choose the correct length of cable needed they won’t even tangle and are even easier to keep organized.

To see our extensive line of audio cables, visit Take Mom’s worries and frustrations away this Mother’s Day. She will be happy you did and you will love the great audio you’ll be receiving. Everyone is a winner with audio cables!

Smart Printing Adapters, Habits & Tips

Apr 26, 2012

If we had a nickel for every time we heard someone complain about their printer not working, running out of ink, or experiencing issues, we would be able to buy all of those people a trip to Disneyland to unwind. Even as we find newer and better ways to print documents, there are still so many things that can go wrong. That’s why we follow these simple and handy tips to make every printing process simple and easy.


Don’t be this guy, follow these tips!

  • - Clean out your printer. Yes, this sounds crazy but if you notice things like smearing on your papers with a new ink cartridge, the solution is as simple as checking the protective tape over the printer.
  • - Dust and detangle your printer power cables and printer adapters, not just for presentation but also so your cables aren’t put under unnecessary stress and kinks.
  • - Make sure all computers are set to the correct default printer. All computers should be printing to the nearest printers, which keeps any one printer from being overtaxed with too many jobs lined up.
  • - Preserve your ink by printing in black and white when you don’t need color to be printed.
  • - Always have back up ink cartridges on hand so you’re never stuck making a list minute trip to the store for new ones!

There are so many things we can all do to make printing easier in our lives. Do you have any tips you’d like to share?

Save the Earth with Low Profile Port Savers!

Apr 19, 2012


Of course there are hundreds of ways to help save our planet and save electricity. Today we’d like to share one great way to save energy in your home. By using low profile port savers you can eliminate stress on your parallel ports, game ports and monitor ports. If your game cables are not stressed then neither is our earth while fighting off harmful pollutants.

low-profile-port-saver tips for earth dayHow are these connected?

When we plug something into the wall or create tension in our cables we may think of it as a harmless act. We don’t see or smell any pollution occurring, but it is happening. The pollution isn’t occurring directly at the site of the cable, but at the power plant.

Every time you turn on an electronic device in your home you send some pollution into the air. Actually, your home pollutes more than the average car. So next time you’re thinking about saving a dollar you are really saving our planet’s air and water as well.

At we have a great selection of port savers to help eliminate stress on your cables, wallet, and our earth! What a simple and affordable way to relieve so much stress in your life! Next time you are fighting off super villains on your game console think about all the evil pollutants you are fighting off just by using a low profile port saver. 

Terminate Bad Data at the Source with SCSI Terminators

Apr 13, 2012



Tired of poor data connections? We’re not sure why you’ve waited to long, costs, other business, or just getting around to finding a solution, but we’re glad that you’ve come to the conclusion that the only good data is strong data.

SCSI terminatorsWhat does this mean?

Centronics SCSI devices require reliable connections, especially if you’ve recently upgraded your equipment to SCSI-3 devices. This means you need active SCSI terminators that will ensure that your data isn’t reflecting back and forth, risking the integrity of the data.

What else can I do to improve office functions?

Check the rest of the equipment to see whether all devices, cords, cables, and software are up to date and compatible. Have you been waiting around to download the latest version of your software? Wait no more for that bug free version.

Get the whole office involved in Organize your Files Week. Go through to find any documents that can be thrown away, shredded and recycled. If you don’t have archives already, create storage for dated materials that you don’t necessarily need on hand. Categorize these documents to be referenced for later use. Do the same for computer files, which will free up loads of space on the server most likely

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 Testing, Can you Hear Me?

Apr 6, 2012

XLR adapters and cables

“Say anything”


“Test, 1, 2, 3.”


“…Anything but that.”


Even if you’re not a fan of musicals, you’ll have to agree that the musical Rent said it best. Nobody checking the audio levels wants to hear those same words over and over, over and over again. Anything but would be There are even the people who then start to get a bit goofy, singing and yelling that same phrase, ‘test one, two, three.” The worst thing is, you’re busying hooking up the XLR adapters and adjusting the levels, and need them to continue speaking to get levels perfect.

Want to eliminate the problem before it starts?

Have a few prepared phrases. Just like you want to be prepared for any audio or video situation, you also want to be ready with all the video component cables, audio adapters, and any other adapter you might need for the situation. Here’s a few phrases to try asking people to say:

For music, “Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are..”

For interviews, “My name is Triangle Cables. T-R-I-A-N-G-L-E C-A-B-L-E-S.”

For everything else, just start listing what you had for lunch, “For breakfast it was coffee and jam on toast, then for lunch, let’s see….”

Don’t be stuck hearing the Verizon commercial phrase, “Can you hear me now? Good. Can you hear me now? Good.” Make all of your audio checks painless from feedback and annoying phrases. 

Be a Goof – Take it Easy with Your Cables!

Mar 16, 2012

What holiday is it that we’re eagerly waiting to arrive? The big holiday that we’re so excited about is arriving before Easter. We’re talking about March 22nd, National Goof Off Day, the day that anyone who spends most of their time tangled up in cables and adapters should get to go crazy with. Convert that humdrum attitude into a crazy day of goofing off.

How can you goof off with your professional business equipment?

  • Swap out some major monitor cables so you can all enjoy an afternoon break of watching YouTube videos as a team on the presentation screen instead of the crowded around the computer.
  • Have a stress-game war by playing catch with everyone’s stress balls. No need to bring in balls, everything you need will be on hand. If you’re feeling very goofy, start your own nerf and stress ball war!
  • Be really goofy and just celebrate Goof Off Day on Friday. If it’s important to finish the week’s work before relaxing, just push the holiday off until Friday so everyone can enjoy by goofing off their last hour of the day.
  • Take the day off! It’s a lovely spring day that deserves to be enjoyed outside more than likely. There’s no better place to goof off than when not at work!

Get goofy on the 22nd! is giving you permission!

Capture the St Patrick Day Spark With Cables and Cameras!

Feb 24, 2012

Big memories and bigger plans are already in store for many people this year. Whether you’re planning an office party, friendly party at a pub, or to attend a big parade, make sure that this year you record it all. Make the most of your St. Patrick Day memories by following these simple steps:

  • spare cableRemember to bring your camera. Pack it in your case for protection from any inebriated people around you.
  • Have your camera or camcorder charged. If your video recording device is your phone, make sure that it’s charged as well. Possibly bring a spare cable charger for your device. It’s easy to forget, but when you’re using the camera on your phone, it uses up the battery much faster than you’re probably used to.
  • Get a shot of all your friends, coworkers, etc. No one should be forgotten just in case they do something memorable!
  • After all is said and done, get your video ready to present to the whole office. Using one of our monitor cables, like our mini DisplayPort adapters to get your tiny camera picture on the big screen.

Get ready for the holiday and the memories with the right video and photo recording equipment! Are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

Set up the Sounds for your Sultry Valentine’s Night

Feb 3, 2012

Forget Valentine’s Day, we all know that the magic happens on when the lights have gone dark, Barry Manilow is playing low, and your table is set for dinner on Valentine’s night. If you want to build a really romantic night, and then make it special by surprising that special someone with music where it’s least expected. With the right stereo adapters you’ll be able to rearrange and bring the music to you, rather than have to make your way to where the music is. What do you need for this big romantic gesture?stereo adapters

  1. First, pick your perfect place. Do you want to make music play outside as the lights flash on? Maybe you want to bring the stereo speakers into the kitchen to roll out as you bring out the desert?
  2. Next, figure out what kind of connectors your speakers use. Most likely you’re looking to extend your universal f type connectors, with a 3.5mm 1/8 inch cables. These stereo adapters are common and easily found at You can even hook your existing speakers up to your iPod with the stereo adapters, so there are fewer wires to manage.
  3. Finally, set up when your Valentine’s date isn’t home, as quickly and quietly as possible. That way it’s a complete surprise!

Make the music happen on Valentine’s night wherever you like. Set up a stunning surround system with stereo adapters for your musical bliss.

Tidy You, a Better Year with Triangle Cables and RG-6 Video Cables

Jan 13, 2012

New Year’s Resolutions give us reason to try better and harder. Many customers all write the same things on their lists:RG-6 video cables

-Organize my cables and cords.

-Keep a tidier home and home entertainment center.

We’d love to help make these goals come true, with these simple and easy tips.

-Dust off, clean out, and reorganize cables. Unhook all your electronic boxes, such as the cable, DVD player, music player, satellite box, etc., and give them a thorough cleaning with pressurized air to get deep inside. While unhooked, unravel and unkink any cables that may have gotten twisted over the year as new devices were added.

-Measure and make the right RG-6 video cables selections. You want cables that fit the entertainment system you have, without tangling, wrapping around each other or not quite reaching. Adapters help when you don’t have the length, but are unnecessary when you can get different lengths of video cables that actually meet your needs.

Make your home entertainment system really something to be jealous of – and easy to clean. Get all the right lengths and adapters for your RG-6 video cables and more at – your place for New Year’s Resolutions solutions.

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