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Hubs for a Hubby –Find Easter Gifts for Him!

Mar 22, 2012


Is he the fixer upper? The technophile? Or maybe just a technophobe? Whether he’s never rewired a cable in his life or is always improving the home, there’s a video or audio tool that will make your man’s day even easier. (Plus, some video cables to make it more vibrant!) Add more color to his Easter morning with one of these smart gift ideas.

The Tech Lovin’ Dad – He’s got more gadgets than he can count. This means he needs more power outlets, and more USB 2.0 outlets which are satisfied with a four port USB hub, letting him connect many more of his USBs. A new gadget will go great in his Easter basket too!

four port USB hub

The DIY Dad – For Easter this year, add a little color with an audio or RCA wall plate to make his cable and cords all neat and tidy. (Also, this gives him a fun new project to work on!) Get him a new tool belt and shiny hammer for his basket as well!

The Techno-Feared Dad – Technology isn’t his friend, but a few simple upgrades to his home entertainment system will be friendly! Get him the latest HDMI cables, video connections, and upgrade him to a BluRay player while you’re at it!

Of course many of these gifts are great for Moms on Easter too! Make sure that both parents get equal love this holiday from the Easter bunny – with a little help from

Be a Goof – Take it Easy with Your Cables!

Mar 16, 2012

What holiday is it that we’re eagerly waiting to arrive? The big holiday that we’re so excited about is arriving before Easter. We’re talking about March 22nd, National Goof Off Day, the day that anyone who spends most of their time tangled up in cables and adapters should get to go crazy with. Convert that humdrum attitude into a crazy day of goofing off.

How can you goof off with your professional business equipment?

  • Swap out some major monitor cables so you can all enjoy an afternoon break of watching YouTube videos as a team on the presentation screen instead of the crowded around the computer.
  • Have a stress-game war by playing catch with everyone’s stress balls. No need to bring in balls, everything you need will be on hand. If you’re feeling very goofy, start your own nerf and stress ball war!
  • Be really goofy and just celebrate Goof Off Day on Friday. If it’s important to finish the week’s work before relaxing, just push the holiday off until Friday so everyone can enjoy by goofing off their last hour of the day.
  • Take the day off! It’s a lovely spring day that deserves to be enjoyed outside more than likely. There’s no better place to goof off than when not at work!

Get goofy on the 22nd! is giving you permission!

Triangle Cables is Hopping Along with Easter Wishes

Mar 8, 2012

Hop, hop, hop along, to the sound of better audio on Easter morning. While Easter’s usually about the sweets, here at we think that there’s nothing sweeter than the sound of crystal clear audio and a startling quality picture.

Why do you need a great picture?

For all of the classic Easter movies of course! Whether watching a remastered version on Blu-Ray or an Easter classic straight from VHS, you want to be able to enjoy it with no scratches, skips or jumps in play.

Just a few movies you should remember to watch this year:

  1. Bugs Bunny’s Easter Funnies
  2. It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown
  3. Yogi the Easter Bear
  4. Easter Parade with Judy Garland
  5. Jesus of Nazareth
  6. The Last Temptation of Christ
  7. The Passion of the Christ
  8. Barabbas
  9. The First Easter Rabbit
  10. And course one of the newer Easter movies, Hop!

Before sitting down to watch one of these classics, make sure that you have the right audio and video cables, a pair of bunny ears on head and a bowl full of sweet popcorn.

For Easter this year we hope you a very hoppy holiday from all us here at

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