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What’s the Best Video Cable for the Job?

Jan 25, 2013

Video QuestionWhen connecting televisions with video devices, there are often several choices available. Some may look familiar, while others may seem completely alien. Today’s blog post is about the pros and cons of common video connections and how to identify them. Hopefully it will help you identify the right video cable for the job and make connecting your video components even easier.

Probably the most common video cable is the RG-6 coaxial cable. This is the familiar cable TV connection that most Americans have in their home. Its primary benefit is its universality. This connection can be found on many video devices, however it should be noted that it is not the highest quality connection available and is not suited for high definition applications.

After the RG-6 cable, the second most common cable is the composite video / RCA audio cable. This is the classic red, yellow and blue cable often packaged with video components. This cable was once a standard but today it appears less and less on newer televisions and video components. Its advantage is that is carries both video and audio signals, but it is also not a high quality signal cable.

After the composite video cable there are the component video and S-video cables. Both of these cables attempt to improve on the signal quality by separating the color channels. The component video cable has red, blue and green connectors. Each connector carries one color of the RGB video signal preventing crossover and making for more accurate color reproduction. The S-video cable is a single circular connector with prongs. This cable also separates color signals in an attempt to make more accurate color. The disadvantage of these two cables is there lack of audio transfer. Using these cables means an additional audio cable will also be required.

The most recent video cable to join the bunch is the HDMI cable. This cable is designed to carry a high definition video signal along with audio, making it the ideal choice for high definition applications. Its plug is wide and flat and can be found on most new televisions and video components. The only disadvantage of this cable is its lack of compatibility with older analog televisions or video components.

Triangle Cables Presents our First “Totally Wired” Mix

Dec 24, 2012

Let’s face it, when you work around cables all day you have to love technology. That’s why we’ve put together some of our favorite songs about cables. Okay, maybe they’re not literally about cables, but we can pretend that’s what the artists had in mind. This mix of tunes features songs for everybody and is certainly not short on technology and connectivity references. So get your sound system set up properly, double check your audio cables and follow along with our audio exhibition about the joy of cables. Enjoy!

Triangle Cable’s

Totally Wired – Volume 1

  1. Connect Up To Me – The Cars
  2. Live Wire – AC/DC
  3. Sound and Vision – David Bowie
  4. Connected – Stereo MC’s
  5. Static Age – The Misfits
  6. Sound System – Operation Ivy
  7. Electricityscape – The Strokes
  8. Through The Wire – Kanye West
  9. Speed of Sound – Coldplay
  10. Digital – Joy Division
  11. Connection -JeffersonStarship
  12. Living on a Thin Line – The Kinks
  13. Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant
  14. Video Killed the Radio Star – Buggles
  15. Disconnected – Goo Goo Dolls
  16. The Sound of Silence – Simon and Garfunkel

Connect your Laptop to your HDTV with an HDMI Converter

Dec 14, 2012

VGA to HDMI converterAs technology progresses it always seems to outgrow cables and connectors. Modern high definition televisions utilize HDMI connections to carry audio and video signal between components. This can make it difficult to connect older technologies to them such as laptop computers or game consoles. That’s where signal converters such as a VGA to HDMI converter come in handy.

A VGA to HDMI converter, like the one pictured here, allows you to connect an older analog video source, such as a PC to a high definition television. These converter boxes accommodate a VGA signal input for video and a stereo RCA input for audio. On the other side of the HDMI converter there is a single HDMI output that takes the analog audio and video inputs turns them to a digital HDMI signal that can be connected to a modern HDTV.

While the output signal will not be high definition, it will be in a digital format that the HDTV can read. This makes it possible to use a digital television as a display to show a power point presentation, a photo slide show, or anything else you may want to share on a larger display. An HDMI converter is a great utility of a business person who may have an older laptop. It is best to be prepared for any presentation situation even if technologies seem incompatible.

Extend your HDMI reach with an HDMI over LAN Kit

Nov 26, 2012

HDMI over LAN extenderHDMI cables come with a built-in limitation on length. If you exceed the length for HDMI compliance, you’ll get significant distortion or even lose the signal altogether. The HDMI extender was designed to overcome this problem. Several types are available, including a wireless extender and cat 5e Ethernet extender.

How Does the Extender Work?
With an HDMI over LAN kit, you’ll receive a receiver and transmitter capable of pushing an HDMI signal to a maximum of 400 meters. An HDMI cable carries the signal to the transmitter. A category 5e cable carries this signal to one or more receivers, which then convert the signal for delivery to the viewing device(s). The range of a dedicated network compares favorably to wireless ranges, which can’t exceed 200 feet.

Of course, a signal booster can carry wireless HDMI signals even further, but you’ll get nowhere near the distance of a HDMI over LAN kit couple with an Ethernet hub. The hub makes it possible to run audio and 1080p to a maximum of just under 800 meters. Most users won’t need this kind of length, but some situations demand it. Airports, call centers, hospitals and other applications benefit from an HDMI extender.

Take Football Season Further with Extenders Multipliers and Splitters

Oct 15, 2012

Fall is finally here, and fall means football! That’s right, it’s time to get your audio visual set up in order so you can enjoy every game day. No matter what kind of television you have or what cable or satellite provide you use, we have something that can improve your picture quality or connectivity. Our high quality audio video extenders multipliers and splitters are designed to expand the reach of your home entertainment.

If your game day ritual has outgrown the living room, or your family has taken over your TV room, you may need to extend your homes cable or satellite network to accommodate another viewing area. By using a splitter or signal amplifier it’s easy to take a television anywhere in your home and maintain keep your passion for the game intact. We have solutions to help you split, share or extend your HDMI and coaxial cable signal, so setting up a new place to watch the game is never a problem.

For individuals who have satellite television we also offer satellite TV multiswitches which allow you to operate additional satellite boxes on your home’s existing satellite system. That’s great news for the growing family or the exiled sports fan.

USB Converters Make TV Show Marathons Simple

Sep 13, 2012

Whether you’ve spent hundreds on your personal home entertainment room with surround sound, big screens and reclining chairs, or you have access to the office big screen for presentations, you have one unique opportunity: The Marathon TV Event.

Before the new season of your favorite show begins, hold a marathon of last season to refresh, get caught up, or introduce the new guy in the office to the series.

What you need:

USB converters

  • A large monitor, personal or permission to utilize the office screen. Remember this can be a great team building activity!
  • Last season (at least!) on DVD or an online subscription. See if anyone in the office has online access to the last season of Parks and Recreation or How I Met Your Mother through any of these services:
  • HuluPlus
  • HBO GO
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • A laptop and one of the appropriate USB converters to connect to the big screen.
  • Lots of popcorn and themed snacks!

Which TV shows are you looking forward to returning? We’ve included the premiere dates for some of last season’s big shows:



9/16 at 9pm – Boardwalk Empire

9/30 at 8pm  – Once Upon a Time

9/30 at 9pm – Revenge

9/30 at 9pm – Dexter

10/14 at 9pm  - The Walking Dead


9/24 at 8pm – How I Met Your Mother

9/17 at 8pm – Bones

9/24 at 10pm – Castle


10/2 at 8pm  – Hart of Dixie

10/23 at 9pm  – Happy Endings

10/23 at 9:30pm  – Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23


10/3 at 9pm Supernatural

10/17 at 10pm American Horror Story: Asylum

9/26 at 10pm South Park


10/4 at 8pm 30 Rock

10/11 at 8pm The Vampire Diaries

9/27 at 9pm Grey’s Anatomy

9/27 at 9pm Person of Interest

9/20 at 9:30pm Parks and Recreation


10/19 at 8:30pm – Community

9/28 at 9pm – Fringe

9/21 at 10pm – Haven


HDMI Uncensored: Triangle Cables Read of the Month!

Aug 27, 2012

HDMI couplers
Whether you’re an end-consumer or project lead, HDMI connections are often confusing and downright complex. Confusion is unfortunate since HDMI applications have radically altered the home/office/security/entertainment interface. Connections are possible in ways you only dreamed about a few short years ago, but making the connections requires a lot more than an HDMI coupler or two.

President of DPL Labs Jeffrey Boccaccio brings HDMI to a level anyone can understand it with the help of Derek R. Flickinger from Interactive Homes, Inc. in “HDMI Uncensored.” You’ll soon have your colleagues and clients impressed with your ease of speech on the mysterious applications of HDMI female to female connections, CEC, TMDS functionality, EDID, HEAC attributes, and the entire reasoning behind the analog to HDMI switch.

If it sounds intense, end-use readers need not be concerned. Boccaccio writes for the layman even while introducing new terms and commands. Even if you’ve previously confused an HDMI coupler, for a Chinese finger trap, you’ll catch on fast and have fun doing it. When you are ready to take integration to the next level, unlock the secrets of HDMI female to female and other strange interactions take a read through “HDMI Uncensored.” We sure have enjoyed it!


Road Trip Tips: Cables You Need to Keep in the Trunk

Jul 18, 2012

Jumper cables? Check. Of course you have those, but do you have audio cables, power cables, and all the rest? Summer is the time for road trips, holiday getaways, and cabin weekend trips. Whether you want to cut off from the world on vacation or plan to enjoy the amenities (but hopefully not plan on working from home!) it’s easy to forget an essential.

power adapter - power strip - triangle cables

For the road:

Adapters and car chargers. If you’re using a cigarette lighter adapter for the car, you can use any cable with a USB end to charge your cell phone or camera. USB converters can help connect other devices that didn’t come with a standard USB type cable for charging. Make sure everyone in the car has their own headphones to enjoy for a really long trip! Also, remember a doc to rest your iPod, cell phone, or other in use items so they’re safely tethered.

For the vacation home:

Cables are inexpensive, so rather than risk leaving behind a pair and needing to pack extra, get chargers just for the vacation home. That means power strips as well. You should also stock up on standard appliances. Rather than permanently place any cable lines, use a removable tape like gaffer’s tape to bind cables and keep them out of the way.

For overseas:

If you’re a frequent flyer, you already know, but first time travelers will need to stock up on adapters and chargers for overseas outlets. Remember spare batteries for any devices you can’t get a new charger for.


Where do you plan to go this summer? Are you bringing Triangle Cables with you?

A TV for Every Room

Jun 29, 2012


TV has become a major part of our lives. The average adult watches four hours of television each day. With that said, it seems as though it would be the most convenient option to have a television in every room of your home. This is may sound unlikely, but TVs have been making their way into more and more rooms of the average home over the years.

triangle cables tv satellite parts and equiptmentTelevisions have been extending from the bedrooms, family room and living rooms into other areas of the home, including the kitchen, patio area, even the bathroom. Ever wish you could follow along with the cooking show while making that certain recipe in the kitchen or watch the morning news or sports show while enjoying your coffee on the indoor patio? Triangle Cables is here to help you make that a reality. We now offer satellite multiswitches and satellite splitters to make sure that you get all your favorite channels on the new televisions you add around your house. Whether your new television is in the patio, basement, kitchen, or office, our satellite multiswitches allow independent operation of numerous satellite receivers using a single dish, perfect for your many TVs. They are also suitable with DirecTV and HDTV, so you get the best channels on every TV in your home

Our satellite splitters and satellite multiswitches can also help improve the overall quality of your TV. Don’t worry about the many expenses involved in upgrading your satellite or using it in multiple televisions throughout your home. Just shop for an affordable selection of TV satellite multiswitches, mounts, and many other parts and accessories.

How many TVs do you have in your home? How many do you wish you had?

Fun Summer Video and Audio Projects

Jun 7, 2012

This summer don’t trap yourself inside just because that’s where the air conditioning is. With a few home improvements, new audio video cables, and time, you can make your summer spectacular with air conditioner free entertainment.

TriangleCables-outdoor media projects.jpg

Have an old overhead projector?

Rather than toss it, transform your own overhead video projector for big screen projections. You can take your old projector, transform it and with a power cable sit it outdoors so it can project into a large sheet or painted wall. What do you need:

  •  LCD Flat Screen
  • Overhead projector
  • Tool kit
  •   And to watch this video!

Want to redo the basement?

If even your summer nights are sweltering, it’s time to retreat to the basement where things will be cooler with a lot less effort and costs. If your basement is currently being used for storage or is unused, clear out the old or reorganize to transform your basement into an entertainment center.

  • Before bringing any equipment down, make sure your place is mildew resistant.
  • Run any wires down from upstairs and be sure to cover any new outlets or wires with wall plates and a fresh coat of paint to impress the guests.
  • If you’re looking for theatre style comfort, get a large screen and comfy couches to make the seating. If not, scope the yard sales for a large TV to put in downstairs for your heat escape!

Run a lower electric bill by entertaining outside or downstairs where the heat isn’t needed. What other projects do you have planned for the summer?




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