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Jun 25, 2010

Recently, we have had the privilege of meeting the good folks at  This site is a blog that is run by those who love to watch TV, but felt that paying those expensive satellite bills was unnecessary. So they decided to do something about it!

They came across some impressive equipment that can help them still watch all of their favorite programs – and tons of new ones –  without forking over big bucks to the satellite television companies.  This discovery lead to the founding of  “Unequivocally the best TV to PC Software on the Net!”

This site gives you all the vital information and parameters you need to know in order to obtain and start using the software and equipment you need to get TV to your PC’s screen.  Not only does it do this, but also keeps you up to date with all of latest news, equipment, and discoveries regarding watching TV on your home PC. Simplify your life. Spend more time enjoying it than paying for it. Make sure to stop on over and see if a TV to PC Converter makes sense for you!

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