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Cable Management Saves you Stress

Nov 30, 2012

Whether it’s a home network or facility wiring operation, cable management is just good practice. If you’re currently facing a mound of cables and the potential for upgrades in the near future, you are already aware of one benefit for the management of network cables. A number of products are available to help with organization, including the wire management panel, but you should first understand the importance.

Organization Benefits
Management of your network cables is the extension of organization into what is too often a haphazard and confusing mess. Management generally refers to support of cables along transmission routes. Without support, the end result is cable spaghetti and a headache for anyone attempting to update a particular connection, diagnose network problems or ensure cable compliance with maximum bend radius.

A couple of notable problems result from disorganized cables. It’s possible for a pull along one cable to cause disconnection with others. Diagnosing a problem with one device could be as simple as a unplugged cable, but you’ll have a difficult time figuring this out. Another problem is interference when data cables wrap around power cables. A wire management panel and other cable management devices can prevent a lot of frustration.

Make the Most of your New HDTV: Convert your Signal to HDMI

Oct 10, 2012

New high-definition televisions are designed to offer the best picture quality for our viewing entertainment. But how do we make the most of that picture quality? Many people unknowingly connect devices to their television using low quality cables or connectors. This results in a loss of signal quality and can be upsetting to someone who bought a television specifically for its superior image quality.

So how do you make the most of your high definition television even when connecting older components? The answer is simple. Convert your connectors to HDMI. HDMI is the new standard for high definition video and audio connection. It supports full 1080p video transfer ensuring top quality video signal. If you have an older component such as a DVD player that is lacking an HDMI output, you can easily connect it to an HDMI signal conversion box. These boxes are designed to take older analog formats such as composite video, component video, or VGA connections and convert them into a digital HDMI signal.

In order to get the best picture quality we recommend converting the highest quality source signal to HDMI, this would ideally be a component video signal (the red, blue and green connectors). If Component video is not available, you can use the s-video output on your device. If nothing else is available simply use the yellow composite video signal. Remember to connect your red and white RCA stereo connectors to the conversion box as well, since your HDMI cable carries both audio and video signals.

Can you see what I See? Monitor Cables Make the Connections Easy!

Mar 30, 2012

monitor adapter

What you see is what you get with your monitors and video cables. But what about when you want to show other people what you’re seeing? There are so many business and personal applications for video program and these days you want cross compatibility between all of your devices.

Want to see the cable on the big screen? Split your signals? Just take a look at your current video display set up and ask yourself, is it doing what you need it to do today and what you’ll want it to do in a week?

composite RCA adapterSplit the signal? There are many adapters and cables that will connect two untraditional devices, letting your show off a presentation to everyone, or improve your productivity with two monitors. Rather than getting a new system, just get another monitor and a Y splitter monitor adapter. If you want to take your camera, DVD player, or other RCA device onto the big screen, you may even need a composite RCA adapter.

Make the video connections you want, with the devices and monitors of your choice by smartly arranging with video adapters, splitters and extensions. Why transfer files, email presentations or continually burn DVD’s when it can be as simple as hooking in a different cable when you want? See where all the smart video decisions come from at 

DisplayPort Adapters Fix all your High Def Problems

Jan 26, 2012

The world of monitors is constantly improving. One way to stay up is to get the monitors that are better than the most popular and really high performing, like DisplayPort monitors. If you have a DisplayPort monitor for your computer you already know about the rich visual experience, crystal clear and the one clear downside, the DisplayPort… port. While it’s ideal for your computer, the monitor is actually pretty usable for other media devices and applications with the right DisplayPort adapters.

Once you hook up your DisplayPort to say, your DVD player, you’ll love the look on your DisplayPort monitor. So what other uses can you get out of your Display Port?

Get the most use with multi-media use

  • Connect to a gaming system, media player, or any other HDMI output with the DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. You can play your video games, watch movies or view television all from the same monitor you work on. For homes, this reduces the space taken up by various monitors and screens, and at the office this allows you to perform multiple media presentations.
  • You can also use a DisplayPort to VGA adapter to connect to computers using the more typical VGA connection.

Have you considered the DisplayPort monitors or have one? How do you like it?

5 Ways to Make your Computer Live Longer, and Happier!

Jun 30, 2011

Computer crashes, falls and spills. Nothing ruins a summer like a broken computer. While your computer may survive a small natural disaster, it’ll never be the same again.

Through simple smart placement, you can make sure your computer lives a long and happy life.

Here are a few places we’d advise to avoid leaving your computer by:

  • Near an open window. Summer storms can come suddenly and without warning. It’s one thing to realize that you’ve left your car windows open and another when it’s your computer at the window!
  • On top of a tall countertop. Try not to leaving that computer on top of any precarious perches. As it goes swinging down, the power cord can save the computer, but then you may have a broken cord!
  • Near a vase. It’s not just eating near the computer that you have to worry about. The pretty vase of fresh flowers may look nice, but it contains a lot more water than your average cup will. Keep your computer far from any liquids!

Missing keys and broken frames aside, you can get replacement parts or adapters to make up for broken power cords. You can find AC power cords here at

How to Keep your Coils Fray-Free

May 24, 2011

Clean up your cables

The worst thing that can happen to your cords is one little bend in the wrong direction. Next thing you know, you’ve cracked the plastic. One wrong tug and your entire cord may go!

It’s a shame when there are just so many little things you can do to preserve the integrity of your cords. Try these tips for your cords.

  • A lot of thin audio cables see a lot of use. They tend to bend right at the point of connection – where they can fray! For those thin audio cables, like mini stereo cables, simply take the spring coil out of an old pen. Wrap the cable around the base of the cord, so it never gets too bent out of shape!
  • Use a cable organizer to keep your cables kink-free. An organizer like a cable management panel will keep all of your cables neat and separated. That way when you go in to move a cable, you don’t pull any the wrong way.

Give your cords live long lives by taking care of them – just like you do the rest of your electronics!

Floridians Move Forward with Phone Relay Service

Apr 28, 2011

A phone call can mean so much

Helping to lend a hand or just an ear, Florida is looking to continue work with the non-for-profit organization that sets up relay phone services for the deaf, impaired and hard of hearing.

The Florida Telecommunications Relay is a 24/7 telephone service running 365 days out of the year. The program provides residents with a hearing loss or hearing impairment with special phone equipment.

As the program’s contract was about to expire with Sprint, the Florida Public Service Commission had to vote to continue the program. They’re now waiting for proposals from new telecommunications companies, but have already heard interest from many companies, meaning the program should continue to provide this great service until June 2012. You can find out more about this program here.

Just one phone call can mean a lot to a person. We think this program is a great way to provide the most basic communication to Florida residents.

Quality telephone cord accessories and splitters can always be found here at to help improve your current connection.

VGA Converters and your iPad

Mar 30, 2011

Your iPad's best friend

The iPad is just one of the latest tablet devices out in the market; in fact, Apple has released two versions, already improving features of the first.

If you have either the iPad or iPad 2 you may be excited about the possibilities of streaming iPad content onto a television or external monitor. It’s exciting but there are some things you might not know about how VGA equipped displays work with your VGA adapters.

The iPad VGA adapter cannot show certain licensed content bought in the iTunes store. It’s a definite downside for many movies and even some applications that you may want to display on an external monitor.

Once you’ve determined that a VGA adapter is for you, you might decide that one screen isn’t enough, for instance in a teaching demonstration. In this case, you’ll want to look at hooking your iPad up to a VGA Splitter like those available at, which will allow you to broadcast on multiple devices.  Also, remember when looking at the VGA splitters and adapter to be aware of bandwidth and monitor resolutions and how they will correspond to your iPad display.

Greener, Safer, and “Plug-less” Electric Cars?

Mar 20, 2011

I'm wireless, baby!

Electric powered cars are on the verge of going wireless – wireless power that is! In the tech world, news is that Google’s latest efforts to encourage and promote safe and green technology will involve testing a new wireless electric vehicle charging system — taking electric powered cars to a whole new level!

The “Plugless Power” car, designed by a company called Evatran, simply parks above a charger device to power up. Google currently uses several electric cars for use on its Mountain View, CA facilities.

While this certainly cuts out the messy cords and plugs situation – and who doesn’t love going wireless – the cars will still need to be charged regularly from one central location.

Does this change your mind about electric cars? Would you be interested in a park and charge vehicle?

In the meantime, is here for all of your current every day electricity needs with safe power supplies and surge protectors.

Where Would I be Without my USB Port?

Feb 24, 2011

It used to be that you only saw USB ports on the back of computer towers. Back then they were just USB 1.0  with the low speeds of 1.5 Mps. Then a few years ago you started to see  notices when you plugged in a USB device to “plug this device into a 2.0 high speed port for better performance.” It’s pretty amazing just how many things run off USB power. Why,

Super adaptable!

even new phone chargers are USB compatible. The wall plug is just an adapter on the newer models and pops right off to reveal a USB cable. That means phones are now being charged on computer USB ports – crazy!

What do you do if you don’t have the USB ports?

If you have an older model computer or laptop that has a limited number of USB ports or just the 1.0 speed ports you’re not out of luck. Update your USB performance by getting a USB changer and port saver.

Check out the selection of USB adapters and port savers at Triangle Cables. We also offer the new high performance USB 3.0 cables which are backwards compatible with USB 2.0 devices – increasing speed and performance of your current USB devices.

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